Last week, I was thinking about the bands I grew up listening to. Among my very favorites is Autechre, whose music I have collected obsessively. I could go on forever about how I found them or about how I listened to nothing but Tri Repetae every day for at least a month, but that’d be less interesting than hearing the music itself.

Several months ago I put together a mix of their music for some friends to have, but I only recently got around to uploading it. I’m sharing it with all of you, now, but take note that this download will only be available for a limited time and I will not re-upload it later. People who are intrigued by their music should give it a shot and go buy a record or two. Fans may want to download it just to enjoy some old favorites.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy…

trt: 2.3 Hrs
bit: 320kbps

01 Kalpol Intro – from Incunabula (1993)
02 Bike – from Incunabula
03 Calbruc – from Chiastic Slide (1997)
04 Gaekwad – from Peel Session 2 (2001)
05 Slip – from Amber (1994)
06 Second Bad Vilbel – from Anvil Vapre (1995)
07 P.:Ntil – from Draft 7.30 (2003)
08 Fold4, Wrap5 – from LP5 (1998)
09 Clipper – from Tri Repetae (1995)
10 TearTear – from Amber
11 Inhake2 – from Peel Session 1 (1999)
12 Flutter – from Anti EP (1994)
13 Eidetic Casein – from Confield (2001)
14 Eutow – from Tri Repetae
15 C/Pach – from Tri Repetae
16 V-Proc – from Draft 7.30
17 Pen Expers – from Confield
18 Acroyear2 – from LP5
19 Cichli – from Chiastic Slide
20 Gantz Graf – from Gantz Graf (2002)
21 Vletrmx21 – from Garbage (1995)


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