Portishead’s “Third” Leaks…


It’s out there, so start looking. Anyone that knows how to use a search engine should be able to find it by now, but don’t expect your older brother’s Portishead record. The band has changed a lot between records: Beth’s vocal delivery has lightened, becoming more subtle and less front and center, Geoff’s spy-esque theatrics aren’t nearly as present on this album and they’ve been replaced by something slightly more sinister/serious, there’s no scratching on the album… it’s a surprise to say the least.

Don’t let the gossip fool you, the record is worth the wait, but it may not be what you were waiting for; either download it and decide for yourself or wait until the record is released and get a proper copy. Either way, don’t let all the half-formed thoughts out there detract you from a fine piece of work. Already a lot of self-important morons are treating it as a betrayal to the whole Portishead legacy, but I doubt they’ve given the thing more than one or two very biased listens. Listening to this record and reading some people’s reaction to it reminded me of when I first heard some of my favorite records. I didn’t like Radiohead’s OK Computer for roughly the first month I owned it and I’m not sure I’d have ever continued listening to Throbbing Gristle if it weren’t for the fact that I kept giving Second Annual Report a chance.

In a world of non-stop musical downloads immediate gratification has became the bane of musicians and listeners everywhere. Amazing records are downloaded, consumed, and thrown into the trash can within a week and the next big thing is given it’s ten minutes in the spotlight. It is easier than ever to pass right over good records these days precisely because they’re so easy to obtain.

Give it some time… it’ll sink in.

As far as I can tell the release date for Third is still April 28th in the UK and the 29th in the US.



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