3/24 show, William Basinski, Strategy, and Stars of the Lid Tour Reminder


That’s a picture of El Camino Real. A quick search using Google will result in some more photographs, but I felt this image was the most appropriate for the blog considering the timbre of Basinski’s music and the history of this road. I will be updating this page again after I have some time to work on school-related projects, but the downloads are available, now. After taking a look around the internet I’ve also decided to upload something special for everyone a little later. I might have to wait until tomorrow to finish that, but I think I can say that what I have isn’t easy to find… in MP3 format or otherwise. In any case, I have some very rare and out of print material that I think deserves to be heard, so keep checking back.

Thanks for listening and enjoy…

download – Laughter 3/24/2008 – Part I
download – Laughter 3/24/2008 – Part II

01. Low “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me” from Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (2000) on Chairkickers Union

02. Serge Gainsbourg “Melody” from Histoire de Melody Nelson (1971) on Mercury Records

03. Kammerflimmer Kollektief “Lichterloh” from Absebcen (2005) on Staubgold

04. Revolutionary Army of The Infant Jesus “Come Holy Spirit” from The Gift of Tears (1988) on Probe Blues

05. Pan American “Starts Friday” from S/T (1998) on Kranky

06. Aidan Baker “Do You Remember Me?” from Oneiromancer (2006) on Die Stadt

07. Throbbing Gristle “Hot On the Heels of Love” from Greatest Hits (1990) on BMG

08. Terry Riley “Poppy Nogood (7:55, edit)” from Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980 (2000) on Ellipsis Art — originally recorded in 1968

09. Strategy “Cathedral Spark” from Music for Lamping (2008) on Audio Dregs

10. Stars of The Lid “Broken Harbors Part 2” from The Tired Sounds Of…. (2001) on Kranky

11. Mirror “A Pilgrim’s Solace” from A Pilgrim’s Solace (2004) on Three Poplars

12. Radian “Rapid Eye Movement” from Juxtaposition (2004) on Thrill Jockey

13. Growing “Afterglow” from Lateral (2008) on The Social Registry

14. William Basinski “El Camino Real” from El Camino Real (2007) on 2062/Musex


One comment

  1. Dear Luke, I appreciate you promoting my work, but please don’t fileshare my music. It’s illegal, hurtful and insulting. As of this month, finally, the catalogue is widely available for digital download at emusic.com, itunes, othermusic.com and multitudes of legitimate digital retailers. I have worked by the skin of my teeth for 30 years to get here. I really appreciate all of you young people who finally get the work, but I just can’t make it if you continue with the filesharing, bit-torrents and what-not. Stealing is bad for the soul. music is not free. somebody has to pay for it. the artists pay and pay again. some of them don’t make it. please support the artists you love. if you want to promote my work, i would really appreciate if you would direct people to …for example, emusic.com where they have a cheap subscription service where you get a bunch of free downloads by signing up…or, my good friends at the best music store in NYC and maybe the world, othermusic.com, who have been great supporters of mine since the very beginning, OR, for those who want a signed letter from me with a personalized copy they can contact me at my website. I do every thing myself, I have no assistants, I answer my own email.I own no property except some furniture and a bunch of broken old equipment. I rent my home and studio. I love and appreciate my fans who take the time and effort to write to me and buy music from me and my distributors that support my work. I never thought I would see the day. Please tel your friends to support working artists. there are plenty of places to hear the music online that are legal, like http://www.myspace.com/williambasinski for example. thanks you for your consideration and support, william basinski

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