Klaus Dinger (Neu!, Kraftwerk) Dies at 61 from Heart Failure


On March the 21st Klaus Dinger, perhaps best known by music fans everywhere as co-founder of the German band Neu!, passed away due to heart failure. Dinger also played in Kraftwerk and is the percussionist responsible for developing that motorik sound, a rhythmic style that earned Neu! and many other bands some distinction, but that is now clearly ubiquitous. Nevertheless, Dinger’s style seems inimitable and full of a character that is unrepeatable.

He was only 61 years old.

Over 5 million people in the USA alone suffer from symptoms related to heart failure. It is estimated in this country that nearly 300,000 deaths each year are related to heart failure. Heart failure took someone from my family in the last year and he was similarly young. It’s easy to remember people as massive influences or musical innovators, but it is also easy to forget that they were people with family and friends, people who exerted an influence outside the context of their work. Losing someone out of the blue and at such a young age is a shock and can be likened to fainting suddenly or going blind in an instant. It’s a terrifying and dizzying event to endure.

My sympathy goes out to his family and to all the people for whom he meant so much.

Rest in peace; “Hallogallo” is hitting the stereo as of now.


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