5/26: Psalters, Pink Reason, The Darkside, A Place of Interest, Requests


Psalters is an oddity in this day and age; their sound is a mish-mash of gypsy and Arabic folk traditions, they’re a nomadic group with no firm home, they provide a strongly worded manifesto on their website, lots of their music is available for free, and they’re as Christian a band as I can think of without diving into the recesses of the pseudo-AM crap that poses as Christian “music.” For fear of betraying exactly who they are, I’d rather you just follow the above link to their site and read up on them. Download some of their free songs, check out the videos, and maybe watch the interviews with them that you can find on Youtube.

Pink Reason is another band that I’ve only recently come across. You can read a lot about him over at Perfect Sound Forever, including an interview that covers everything from the biographical to musical influences and etc. Kevin Debroux is the man behind the band and though it seems his music covers a number of styles, much of Cleaning the Mirror is murky acoustic catharsis charged by a shaky voice that reminds me a lot of Neil Young. The merging of dark, almost ambient atmospherics with Debroux’s song-writing and meditative guitar strumming adds up to a pretty involving experience. When he yells, “It’s all over now / No, I won’t forget the times we shared” it sounds as genuine as is possible.

Not a whole lot of info on The Darkside available anywhere other than on Discogs. The band was led by Pete “Bassman” Bain of Spaceman 3; they released two records and a number of singles between 1990 and 1993. Blog searches have turned up empty and finding any music, but it seems both of their records are available for pretty cheap all over eBay, Amazon, and at Discogs marketplace.

I’ve added a couple links over in the sidebar. Pontone is a website filled with mixes from various labels, artists, and styles. They just recently contacted me and I think they run a great site. Make sure to take time out of your day and say hello to them. I’ve also linked Perfect Sound Forever – if you’ve never read this excellent ‘zine, then give it a shot. The recent article on Corb Lund is great.

I get requests here and there during the show, but a few people have emailed me asking if I would play something – this is the best way to make requests for the show. Just drop me an email and let me know what you’d like to hear, it makes working the music into the show much easier.

Thanks for listening and check back soon for more words and special things.

download – Laughter 5/26/2008 – Hour 1 – .zip
download – Laughter 5/26/2008 – Hour 2 – .mp3

01. Boris “Naki Kyoku” from Akuma No Uta (2003) on Southern Lord

02. No Neck Blues Band / Embryo “Die Farbe aus dem All” from Embryonnck (2006) on Staubgold

03. Neptune “Red Sea/Ebbing” from Gong Lake (2008) on Radium/Table of the Elements

04. Black Ox Orkestar “Ver Tanzt?” from Ver Tanzt? (2004) on Constellation

05. Psalters “Amal” — available for free at http://www.psalters.com/

06. Nina Nastasia “I Say That I Will Go” from Run to Ruin (2003) on Touch and Go

07. Badawi “The Bedouin Walks Alone” from Safe (2006) on Asphodel

08. Slint “Don, Aman” from Spiderland (1991) on Touch and Go

09. Biosphere “City Wakes Up” from Substrata/Man with a Movie Camera (2001) on Touch

10. Wire “On Returning” from 154 (1979) on EMI

11. Killing Joke “Love Like Blood” from Laugh? I Nearly Bought One (1992) on EG originally released in 1985 on Night Time

12. The Darkside “Sweet Vibrations” from Waiting for the Angels / Sweet Vibrations 12″ (1991) on Situation Two

13. Michael Gira/Dan Matz “Stitches” from What We Did (2001) on Young God

14. Best Boy Electric “Wormwood and Distaff” from Songs of Latitude and Longitude (1999) on Grand Theft Autumn

15. Pink Reason “Storming Heaven” from Cleaning the Mirror (2007) on Siltbreeze

16. Appendix Out “Merchant City” from Daylight Saving (1999) on Drag City

17. Magnolia Electric Co “No Moon on the Water” from Nashville Moon (Sojourner box set) (2007) on Secretly Canadian

18. Below the Sea “Slow Walkers” from Below the Sea (2002) on Where Are My Records

19. The Velvet Underground “White Light/White Heat” from White Light/White Heat (1968) on Verve


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