Absence and Information

Due to important personal matters, I was unable to perform a show this past Monday. I will be back next week with plenty of music for all of you. I’d like to point out that a reader has corrected me on a couple of points concerning the Current 93 reviews I posted:

Sorry to be annoying, but a couple of clarifications are in order. In regards to Nature Unveiled, nature is no doubt associated with man, but the title itself is a reference to the Marquis de Sade’s last written work, which was destroyed (no doubt due to its offensiveness) before it could ever be published. Also, the line is not “Fuck you, Maldoror,” [as you claim]. It is “A shark shall fuck you, Maldoror.” This is a reference to an event in Le Chants du Maldoror wherein a shark becomes Maldoror’s lover after eating drowning sailors (witnessing this event, he falls in love). You should read the Chants if you haven’t. A meteoric and surreal work.

Many thanks to Andrew for the information. If anyone else listening to the show or reading the website notices a mistake, please inform me.


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