6/16: Odd Nosdam, Jackson Conti, Fleet Foxes, Wovenhand, and All Sides


Odd Nosdam has an endless list of musical collaborators; over the years he’s worked with or remixed or covered music by Jessica Bailiff, Eluvium, Boards of Canada, TV on the Radio, Sage Francis, The Notwist, Mike Patton, Danielson Familie, Dosh, Múm, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and many others. He’s co-founder of the Anticon label and was once a member of cLOUDDEAD.

Since 1998 he’s released 13 solo records (EPs, LPs, instrumentals, etc.), 11 records with cLOUDDEAD, two records with WHY?, and more remixes and mix tapes than I care to count at the moment. His latest record, Pretty Swell Explode, is a double-LP featuring a number of remixes and/or covers, B-sides, and various odds and ends covering everything from swelling drones to beat-heavy cut ‘n’ paste exercises of the most masterful sort. Dusted Magazine’s Chris Tabron put it best when he said that this record will “blow your fucking mind… in slow motion.” Highly recommended.

Want some more examples of his music? He has a Myspace page with plenty for you to hear and some videos are available on Youtube:

VIDEO 1 :: VIDEO 2 :: VIDEO 3 (fan video)

Jackson Conti is the collaborative effort of Madlib (Otis Jackson Jr.) and Ivan “Mamão” Conti, drummer for the Brazilian jazz trio, Azymuth. At times the music is rather… smooth jazz-ish… but Conti is clearly a massive percussive talent and at no point does Sujinho become too saccharine. Madlib’s compositional talent continues to bloom; here we get a taste of his love for samba, bossa nova, and solo percussive whirlwinds. If you want to read a little bit more about this record, you can check out Dusted Magazine’s review, look at this video, or read up on Azymuth over at Wikipedia.

Fleet Foxes is, simply, my favorite band at the moment. I’ll be playing them more in the future and will have more to say about them, then. Go out and buy their self-titled record and EP, anyways. It’s on Sub Pop and if you buy the LP, you can get the EP with it in a nice gate-fold sleeve AND get the free MP3 downloads, too.

I meant to write about Wovenhand two weeks ago, but it’s better late than never. David Eugene Edwards, former lead vocalist and guitarist for Sixteen Horsepower, is the driving force behind this project. He tours alone, sometimes as a duo, and with a full band, but writes every song himself and often plays every instrument in the studio (though this has changed since his first Wovenhand record in 2002).

Besides having an imposing and impressive voice, explosive arrangements, and seemingly endless talent, Edwards is one of those rare Christian musicians who isn’t afraid to voice his beliefs. His lyrics are obviously spiritual at times, but clearly thoughtful and attractive compared to some of the overly “Kum-Bai-Yah” junk that passes for worship music. In any case, you can read interviews, view photos, check out some videos, and check out various articles at the Unofficial Wovenhand Fan Page or jump over to Wovenhand’s Myspace page to check out more of Edwards’ music.

Last up is All Sides, the project of Nina Kernicke. I just wrote up a review of her new album, Dedalus, and you can read that over at Brainwashed.com at the moment. I’ll be posting the review here, soon, but head over to her Myspace page and give her a listen. She’s an incredibly talented composer and musician.

Thanks for coming by – I’ll have a very special mix ready for you very soon… finding all the pieces to the puzzle and arranging them in a pleasant way has proved to be a greater challenge than I expected it to be. I just hope David Tibet doesn’t get angry at me…

Check back soon and thanks for listening.

DOWNLOAD: Laughter – 6/16/2008, Hour 1 – .mp3
DOWNLOAD: Laughter – 6/16/2008, Hour 2 – .mp3

01. Mogwai “Stanley Kubrick” from EP + 2 (1999) on Matador

02. All Sides “Dedalus” from Dedalus (2008) on Make Mine Music

03. The Notwist “On Planet Off” from The Devil, You + Me (2008) on Domino

04. Silver Apples “Lovefingers” from Silver Apples (1968) on MCA

05. Flying Saucer Attack “Winter Song” from Mirror (2000) on Drag City

06. Madlib “Stormy” from Shades of Blue (2003) on Blue Note

07. Fleet Foxes “Mykonos” from Sun Giant (2008) on Sub Pop

08. Wovenhand “To Make a Ring” from Consider the Birds (2004) on Sounds Familyre

09. Mission of Burma “Learn How” from Vs. (1982) on Ace Of Hearts

10. Sun “Sleepin’” from Sun (2003) on Staubgold

11. Beach House “Home Again” from Devotion (2008) on Carpark

12. Odd Nosdam (with Jessica Bailiff) “Forever Heavy (Shoegangster/JB Remix)” from Pretty Swell Explode (2008) on Anticon — original by Black Moth Super Rainbow

13. Damien Jurado “What Were the Chances” from And Now That I’m in Your Shadow (2006) on Secretly Canadian

14. Shearwater “Home Life” from Rook (2008) on Matador

15. Silver Jews “Send in the Clouds” from American Water (1998) on Drag City

16. Panda Bear “Take Pills” from Person Pitch (2007) on Paw Tracks

17. This Heat “The Fall of Saigon” from This Heat (1978) on These

18. Landing “Centrifuge” from Centrifuge (2001) on Music Fellowship

19. Jessica Bailiff “Shine” from Even in Silence (1998) on Kranky

20. Sun Kil Moon “Carry Me Ohio” from Ghosts of the Great Highway (2004) on Jet Set Records

21. Jackson Conti “Casa Forte” from Sujinho – Kindred Spirits (2008) on Mochilla



  1. I concur with your opinion of the new Fleet Foxes. I bought/love the LP!

  2. That Jackson Conti stuff is definitely awesome.

    Talk about an experience…Madlib goes to Brazil and comes back with this fusion stuff? Incredible. Who’s seeing them Saturday??


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