6/23: Mimir, Greater Than One, Lithops, Magical Power Mako (Again)

Mimir has been around since their 1991 debut on Flabbergast records, but has released only six records since that time. Both their debut LP and the well-loved Mimyriad have thankfully been re-released and can be found in some of the nicer record stores across the country. Christoph Heemann (Mirror, H.N.A.S., Current 93, Nurse with Wound, Organum), Andreas Martin (H.N.A.S., Mirror), Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots, The Tear Garden, various solo projects), Jim O’Rourke (Gastr del Sol, Sonic Youth, Wilco, Illusion of Safety), Elke Pueker (also known as El Cod, Elke Skelter, Lady Loop; graphic artist), and The Silverman (The Legendary Pink Dots, The Tear Garden, various solo projects) compose the band throughout much of their discography with other’s appearing live here and there to help out. When Brainwashed released Mimir’s 7″ single, initial copies came with video of the band playing live (a rare treat), but that is long out of print. Not to disappoint, Brainwashed has made video of Andreas Martin performing live available through the Eye. Martin is the principle guitarist for Mimir and plays in a style that might surprise some people. When he performed at Brainwaves 2006 he received a standing ovation from a crowd that had probably never heard his solo work before. Definitely worth checking out…

Seems more than a few people liked the primitive sound of Greater Than One’s Kill the Pedagogue. The best way to catch up on this band is to take a look at their website on Brainwashed. In brief, GTO was Michael Wells and Lee Newman. They formed in 1985 as art students interested in live performances, recorded output, audio/visual installations. They eventually founded their own label, Dataflow, and released records as Church of Extasy, TD5, Technohead, and The Salami Brothers. In 1995, Lee Newman passed away after battling with cancer and Greater Than One ceased all activity. Michael Wells still DJs and releases various recordings under different guises. Brainwashed is getting ready to re-release a number of their albums; two of their records are getting the reissue treatment, most likely in a three-CD format with video and images taken by both Lee Newman and Michael Wells. There’s also some exclusive audio and video from some of Greater Than One’s art exhibitions being unearthed. I can’t say more than that, but keep your eyes on Brainwashed around the end of July or the beginning of August for more updates.

Lithops is Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, and Von Südenfed (basically Mouse on Mars with Mark E. Smith of The Fall; take a look a this video to get the idea). The original Mound Magnet came out on Thrill Jockey back in 2006 and now Jan St. Werner has a companion record available on Killer Pimp. If you want to hear a little more Lithops before diving right in, you can view this fan-made video or read the Brainwashed review of Mound Magnet Pt. 2 (where three one-minute samples wait for you).

Finally, a little more on Magical Power Mako. From what I can tell, Trance Resonance was originally performed in 1994 with twelve musicians, including “breathing artist” Tetsuaki Hirata. Marquee released the performance in 1994 and Atavistic re-released it in 1997. While much of the disc is thought to be improvised, the portion I played on the show sounds far too rhythmically sober and composed to be 100% pure improvisation. True to Magical Power Mako’s style, the album changes its sound many times throughout its hour-plus running time and, unfortunately, the album isn’t broken up into separate tracks. If anyone out there reads Japanese and would like to try their hand at an English translation, please email me. I will photocopy the liner notes for you. Not many people seem to write about this band despite the fact that more people search for Magical Power Mako than any other band (or search term) on this site. If you know something and would like to contribute, please get in touch.

Until next week, thanks for listening and reading.

DOWNLOAD: Laughter 6/23/2008 – Hour 1 – .mp3
DOWNLOAD: Laughter 6/23/2008 – Hour 2 – .zip

01. Major Stars “Forever Right” from Rock Sounds of People (1997) on Twisted Village

02. Palace Music “Riding” from Lost Blues and Other Songs (1997) on Palace/Drag City

03. Windy & Carl “Crazy in the Sun” from Introspection (2002) on Blue Flea

04. Andreas Martin “Untitled Remix (by Christoph Heemann)” from Untitled 7″ (2003) on Robert Records

05. Christmas Decorations “The Umbrella Fell” from Communal Rust (2007) on Community Library

06. Mimir “Side One” from Untitled 7″ (2005) on Brainwashed

07. Loren Mazzacane Connors & Christina Carter “Mirrors Pt. 1” from Meditations on the Ascension of Blind Joe Death Volume 1 (2005) on Ecstatic Yod

08. Popul Vuh “Mantra 1” from Nosferatu (2005) on SPV — composed in 1978

09. The Wardrobe “Swishing Stick” from Cups in Cupboard (2005) on Tursa

10. Troum “When You Scream” from Remixes (2005) on Arcolepsy

11. Greater Than One “Untitled 1” from Kill the Pedagogue (2006) on Brainwashed Handmade — originally released in 1985

12. Nurse With Wound “Rockette Morton Part One (Excerpt)” from A Sucked Orange (1990) on United Dairies

13. Icarus “Gnog” from I Tweet the Birdy Electric (2004) on Leaf

14. Autechre “VI Scose Poise” from Confield (2001) on Warp

15. Hecq “0006” from 0000 (2007) on Hymen

16. Lithops “Mound Magnet Pt. 1 Remixed (by the Allophons)” from Mound Magnet Pt.2: Elevations Above Sea Level (2008) on Killer Pimp

17. Eats Tapes “Dinosaur Days” from Dinosaur Days (2005) on Community Library

18. Biosphere “In the Shape of a Flute” from Dropsonde (2005) on Touch

19. Magical Power Mako “Trance Resonance (Excerpt)” from Trance Resonance (1997) on Marquee/ Belle Antique


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