Delays, Backpacks, Upcoming Shows,

Hello, again –

Last week’s show has not yet been updated due to a number of circumstances that are beyond my control. I am preparing for a long trip through the California wilderness and simply haven’t had time to update the site. I will be absent for two weeks and after the 21st I will not have another show until the 11th of August. I’ve posted a review of Windy Weber’s newest album and will be posting a review of Strategy’s new record sometime later tonight. In addition, before I leave, I will be posting that mix I’ve been promising everybody. I had hoped to have some artwork to accompany the upload, but I don’t want to wait to post the mix any longer; expect to see that either Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow’s show will be something of a half-year retrospective and will feature some of my favorite songs from my favorite albums of the year, plus I’ll be playing some nice new things that have crossed my desk in the last week. I’ll also play some of the requests sent to me that I’ve neglected over the past month.

Thanks for visiting.


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