7/21: Best of 2008’s First Half

DOWNLOAD: Laughter – 7/21/2008, Hour 1 – .mp3
DOWNLOAD: Laughter – 7/21/2008, Hour 2 – .mp3

01. Strategy “I Can’t Stand the Rain (Excerpt)” from Music for Lamping (2008) on Audio Dregs

02. Ø “U-bahn” from Oleva (2008) on Sahko

03. Windy Weber “Destroyed (Excerpt)” from I Hate People (2008) on Blue Flea

04. All the Saints “Hornett” from Fire on Corridor X (2008) on Killer Pimp

05. Graveyard “As the Years Pass By, the Hours Bend” from Graveyard (2008) on Tee Pee

06. Earth “Rise to Glory” from The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull (2008) on Southern Lord

07. Fleet Foxes “Your Protector” from Fleet Foxes (2008) on Sub-Pop

08. Sun Kil Moon “Lucky Man” from April (2008) on Caldo Verde

09. Shearwater “The Snow Leopard” from Rook (2008) on Matador

10. Motorpsycho “The Alchemyst” from Little Lucid Moments (2008) on Rune Grammofon

11. Matmos “Supreme Balloon” from Supreme Balloon (2008) on Matador

12. Burning Star Core “Mysteries of the Organ” from Challenger (2008) on Hospital Productions/Plastic

13. Valet “Babylon 4 Eva” from Naked Acid (2008) on Kranky

14. Aidan Baker & Beta Cloud “Brief an den Vater” from An Open Letter to Franz Kafka (2007) on Laughing Bride Media

15. Glass Organ “Side A” from Glass Organ (2005) on Tone Filth

16. Autechre “Tankakern” from Quaristice (2008) on Warp

17. Blues Control “Always on Time” from Puff (2008) on Fusetron


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