8/18: I want to tell you about a girl

“Your pain is no credential here / It’s just the shadow, shadow of my wound.”

I shouldn’t have to mention Leonard Cohen’s name; if he’s not a musician that you are a familiar with, stop reading this website and check out the Wikipedia entry on him and buy yourself a copy of Songs of Love and Hate. His more recent output may be less than enthralling, but for unsurpassed darkness and economy of expression, Cohen’s early records are unbeatable. It shouldn’t be hard to see how Nick Cave hoped to follow Cohen, at least early on in his career. From Her To Eternity starts with a cover of “Avalanche.”

Golden Death Music released his Ephemera Blues in 2007, but it still hasn’t drummed up the amount of critical acclaim and unabashed fan-love it deserves. If you need some help figuring out what you think of his music, why don’t you read an interview with him as conducted by The English Assassin? You can always go to Golden Death Music’s Myspace page and listen to a few songs for free, or check out the Brainwashed.com review over at… Brainwashed. Michael Ramey, the band’s one and only member, has a way of writing about the most depressing topics while maintaining some level of playfulness in his performance. I keep looking to see that he has something new coming, but I’m let down each time.

Hercules and Love Affair is quickly earning a place close to nearly every music writer’s heart on the internet. There’s certainly something to be said for its light-hearted rhythms and lush production (those bass lines are pretty killer), but as an album it hasn’t done much for me. Luckily DFA has released a number of singles for you to purchase instead of wasting your money on an album with just a few truly solid cuts.

Lots of listeners were very pleased to hear Ø (pronounced ‘Om’) played this week. Ø is the work of Mika Vainio from beat-noise-makers Pan Sonic, though his solo releases are often less metallic and aggressive than anything Pan Sonic puts out. His newest record, Oleva, dances between fits of electronic hiccups and soberly arranged synth-pads and rhythms. It’s one of the better minimal records released this year and worth searching out.

In other news, I was contacted by Durtro/Jnana and asked to remove the Current 93 mix I had posted a couple weeks back. The good news is that I was asked to remove it because Durtro.com is going to be posting the entire Current 93 discography in MP3 format:

We have hooked up with State 51/Greedbag—who are also responsible for Threshold House and Blast First’s online shops, amongst many others. They will be taking over the processing of orders in the Durtro online shop, though we wish to emphasise it is still Durtro who will post the items out. This shop becomes active on 1 September.

Our linking up with State 51/Greedbag will mean that all of the C93 and Pantaleimon back catalogue which is presently in the shop as physical items will be made available as MP3 and FLAC downloads. The most exciting part is that over the coming months the new Durtro Records shop will be making available, as digital downloads, many out-of-print items too. We also hope to add many live shows by C93 that we have performed from 1984 till the present.

Good news, hopefully these downloads will include all the awesome artwork that made buying the CDs and LPs extra special.

I’ll talk to you all next week. Thanks for listening.

DOWNLOAD: Laughter, 8/18/2008 – Full Show – .zip

01. Leonard Cohen “Avalanche” from Songs of Love and Hate (1978) on Columbia

02. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “From Her to Eternity (1987)” from From Her to Eternity (1984) on Mute

03. Joy Division “Decades” from Closer (1980) on Factory

04. Doves “The Cedar Room” from Lost Souls (2000) on Astralwerks

05. Golden Death Music “The Unmaking” from Ephemera Blues (2007) on Helmet Room

06. Colder “Wrong Baby” from Heat (2005) on Output

07. Sonic Youth “Dirty Boots” from Goo (1990) on DGC

08. Wire “Lowdown” from Pink Flag (1977) on EMI

09. The Stooges “No Fun” from S/T (1969) on Elektra/Asylum

10. Melvins “Hooch” from Houdini (1993) on Atlantic

11. Low “Everybody’s Song” from The Great Destroyer (2005) on Sub Pop

12. Comets on Fire “Whiskey River” from Blue Cathedral (2004) on Sub Pop

13. Liars “Broken Witch” from They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (2004) on Mute Records

14. Squarepusher “Fat Controller” from Hard Normal Daddy (1997) on Warp

15. Meat Beat Manifesto “She’s Unreal” from Subliminal Sandwich (1996) on Play It Again Sam

16. Matmos “Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein” from The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast (2006) on Matador

17. Hercules and Love Affair “Blind” from S/T (2008) on Dfa

18. Ø “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” from Oleva (2008) on Sahko

19. Nurse With Wound “Thrill of Romance…?” from Huffin’ Rag Blues (2008) on United Jnana

20. The Dead C. “Maggot” from Vain, Erudite, and Stupid (2006) on Ba Da Bing!

21. Muslimgauze “Army of Females Wearing Laytex Gadaffi Masks” from Jah-Me Arab (2008) on Staalplaat


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