10/07: Getting Ready for Wire

Last week’s show was all about having seen Stereolab live and being very excited for the WZBC-sponsored Wire show at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. I’ll post a review of the show very soon and maybe have a couple of poorly shot photographs ready for your viewing once I’m out of work. The new Wire album is excellent if you didn’t already know and despite the absence of their long time guitarist, the band is still aggressive and full of energy on stage. I didn’t think “12XU” could be played as fast as they played it. They’re currently on tour and if you’ve never seen them before, you may want to take this opportunity to do so. For the sake of history, here was the 7th’s play list:

01. Stereolab “Jenny Ondioline” from Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements (1993) on Elektra

02. Stereolab “Self Portrait with ‘Electric Brain’” from Chemical Chords (2008) on 4AD

03. Stereolab “French Disko” from Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2) (1995) on Drag City

04. Stereolab “Peng! 33” from Peng! (1993) on Too Pure

05. Broadcast “Message from Home” from The Book Lovers EP (1996) on Duophonic

06. The Aislers Set “The Way To Market Station” from The Last Match (2000) on Slumberland

07. Neu! “Hallogallo” from Neu! (1972) on Brain Records

08. Can “Uphill” from Delay (2004) on Mute — originally released in 1968

09. Tobacco “Dirty (with Aesop Rock)” from Fucked Up Friends (2008) on Anticon

10. Crystal Antlers “Owl” from Crystal Antlers (2008) on Touch and Go

11. Wire “Reuters / Field Day for the Sundays / Three Girl Rhumba” from Pink Flag (1977) on EMI

12. Wire “Practice Makes Perfect” from Chairs Missing (1978) on EMI

13. Wire “Map Ref 41N 93W” from 154 (1979) on EMI

14. Wire “I Don’t Understand” from Read + Burn 01 (2002) on Pink Flag

15. Wire “Read and Burn” from Read + Burn 02 (2002) on Pink Flag

16. Wire “Hard Currency” from Object 47 (2008) on Pink Flag

17. Wire “Strange” from Pink Flag (1977) on EMI

18. Wire “Marooned” from Chairs Missing (1978) on EMI

19. Wire “Single K.O.” from 154 (1979) on EMI

20. Stereolab / Nurse With Wound “Simple Headphone Mind” from The Swinging Reflective (2000) on World Serpent — originally released in 1997

21. The Legendary Pink Dots “Straight On ‘Til Morning” from From Here You’ll Watch the World Go by (1995) on Soleilmoon


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