10/21: This Was That and It Was This and He Said This and I Did That and They Sang These and That Is All

The CD-R was working just fine when I arrived in the studio on Tuesday morning, which means there is a FULL SHOW ready for you to download at the end of this post. The fix is only a temporary one, but hopefully we can pull a few more shows out of it before having to switch over to a new unit. This week features a lot of new music, some of which may be hard to find at your local record store.

Intern Julian brought in a couple of very unofficial looking CD-Rs for this show, one of which was by a band named Apes and Androids. There’s free music and video available at their Myspace profile and on their official website. Evidently everything they put out is self-released, so if you want to buy their music you have to go directly through them. The song featured on the show had a singer/songwriter vibe to it meshed with all the lovely characteristics of Eno-era Bowie and early machine music. Judging by their websites, this band has a bit more to offer than that; just a quick shuffle through their Myspace playlist and it’s easy to hear the influence Prince, !!!, and Radiohead, too.

Julian also came equipped with a copy of The Files and Fires’ newest EP. As of this moment I have been able to find zero information about this band beyond what Julian provided during the show: they’re a three-piece from Connecticut, they recorded everything at home, in a basement, and they’ve made their music available via iTunes. Check out the above link for their Myspace site; if you have any questions for them or you’d like to get a physical copy of their record, I’m sure they’d love to get an e-mail from you.

There are quite a few new records out there that are worth picking up, and the latest from Marnie Stern’s is one of them. Her music is simple: it’s no-frills rock with a ton of finger-mashing guitar solos, heavy beats, half-screamed vocals, and sweet, sweet harmonics. There’s nothing fancy happening; it’s just a straight-forward rock record that really appeals to me. She has two official videos up on Youtube:

Also worth mentioning is Tobacco. Tobacco is the solo project of one of the members in Black Moth Super Rainbow. His new album, Fucked Up Friends, features Aesop Rock alongside a number of synth-heavy, beat-driven songs filled to the brim with psychedelic sounds and 70s synthesizer aesthetics. He also happens to have a video available for the song “Hairy Candy.” Just a little warning: besides some excellent wrestling footage and some odd dancing creatures, the video also features a section of heavily edited pornographic clips, none of which reveal anything more than what you can find on cable television. While this probably won’t bother anyone, viewing it at work may not be a good idea.

There’s plenty more to talk about, including the new Aidan Baker / Tim Hecker collaboration, which is currently a featured record over at Aquarius Records, Fujiya & Miyagi, the new Antony & the Johnsons EP, and the wildly popular new Fucked Up record, which nearly everyone seems to love. I’ll have to get to them later, however, as time constraints now force me to get off the computer and out into the world.

Just to clear one thing up: I don’t think that the human beat box featured at the end of the show has an EIGHT-OCTAVE vocal range. That is the world record for greatest documented vocal range… held by a woman. The world’s greatest vocal range for a male is six octaves. You can read about all that, here. Also, for the sake of accuracy, Diamanda Galás has a three and a half octave vocal range.

Check back, soon: I’ll have a couple of reviews posted in the next few days.

Enjoy the show.

DOWNLOAD: Laughter 10/21/2008 – FULL SHOW!!! – .zip

01. Bardo Pond “Circle” from Vol. 6 (2006) on 3Lobed

02. Syd Barrett “Octopus” from Mad Cap Laughs (1969) on EMI

03. Wooden Shjips “Losin’ Time” from Wooden Shjips (2007) on Holy Mountain

04. Fujiya & Miyagi “Sore Thumb” from Lightbulbs (2008) on Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

05. Six Organs of Admittance “Eighth Cognition / All You’ve Left” from School of the Flower (2005) on Drag City

06. Apes and Androids “Riverside” from Blood Moon (2008) Self-Released

07. The Flaming Lips “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” from Fight Test (2003) on WB

08. Low “Over the Ocean” from The Curtain Hits the Cast (1996) on Vernon Yard

09. The Files and Fires “Limits” from Ivy EP (2008) Self-Released

10. Gang Gang Dance “Vacuum” from Saint Dymphna (2008) on Social Registry

11. Mika Miko “Sex Jazz (Extended)” from Sex Jazz 7″ (2008) on Sub Pop

12. Grizzly Bear “He Hit Me” from Friend EP (2007) on Terrorbird

13. Antony & the Johnsons “Shake That Devil” from Another World (2008) on Secretly Canadian

14. Sigur Rós “Hafsol” from Hvarf/Heim (2007) on XLR

15. Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple “Planet Crazy Gold” from Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple (2003) on Sub Pop — Credited as Acid Mothers Temple / Kinski

16. Aidan Baker / Tim Hecker “Hymn to the Idea of Night” from Fantasma Parastasie (2008) on Alien8

17. Marnie Stern “Shea Stadium” from This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That (2008) on Kill Rock Stars

18. Tobacco “Gross Magik” from Fucked Up Friends (2008) on Anticon

19. Fucked Up “Black Albino Bones” from The Chemistry of Common Life (2008) on Matador


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