One Missing Show, One Tense DJ, Three New Reviews

Hello to everyone who visits the site:

This past week has been a bit of a mess for me on numerous levels. I ended up in situation where I couldn’t make it into the station to perform my duties as a DJ, so there’s no show for download this week. My apologies to those of you who seem to enjoy listening to my broadcasts. I’ll be back next week. I’ve posted three new reviews for you to read and I’m thinking about posting a couple of private mixes I made for friends over the last few weeks. Not sure if that’s a smart or legal thing to do, but I can always take down my mixes later if anyone demands it.

Hope all is well. I’ll definitely talk to you next week. Anyone who wants to hear one of the best noise records I’ve heard in a long time should seek out Prurient’s And Still, Wanting. Fernow’s output can be a bit frustrating, gravitating as it does between excellence and mediocrity, but this record is extraordinary and has had me captivated for quite some time.

Have fun and Merry Samhain!


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