12/2: Your Color, I Wish


I simply haven’t had the time to put together a full write-up for any of my radio shows in the last few weeks. I have various reasons, one of them being I’m a major procrastinator, another being laziness, and a third dealing directly with seasonal changes that always slow me down about this time of year. I’ll have a review of the new Terminal Sound System up sometime this week and I will likely have a “best of the year” post coming very soon. Please enjoy the show I’ve uploaded from last week.

Someone posted a comment regarding the availability of older radio shows: I know that some of my links are dead because I used the incredibly unreliable Mediafire service for so long. If anyone would like to get a copy of a particular show re-uploaded, please e-mail me and say so unequivocally. I don’t mind uploading shows for people who want to hear them.

Thanks and all my love – I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD: Laughter, 12.02.2008, full show – .zip

01. Einstürzende Neubauten “Sabrina” from Silence is Sexy (2000) on Mute

02. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Stranger Than Kindness” from Your Funeral… My Trial (1994) on Mute — originally released in 1986

03. Nudge “Angel Decoy” from Infinity Padlock (2008) on Audraglint

04. Surface of Eceyon “By A Curious Vessyl” from Draggyn (2003) on Strange Attractors Audio House

05. Terminal Sound System “Year of the Pig” from Constructing Towers (2008) on Extreme

06. Autechre “Rae” from LP5 (1998) on Warp

07. Rapoon “Tarsut” from I Am a Foreigner (2003) on Soleilmoon

08. Nurse With Wound “A New Dress” from Livin’ Fear Of James Last (2005) on Castle — originally released in 1989 on A Bead to a Small Mouth comp.

09. Jim O’Rourke “94 The Long Way” from Bad Timing (1997) on Drag City

10. Pauline Oliveros and Miya Masaoka “Twilight (Excerpt)” from Accordion Koto (2007) on Deep Listening Institute

11. Paul Schutze “Sweat (Excerpt)” from The Surgery of Touch (1997) on Tone Casualties

12. Richard Pinhas & Merzbow “Tokyo Electric Guerilla (Excerpt)” from Keio Line (2008) on Cuneiform Records

13. The World of Skin “Black Eyed Dog” from Ten Songs for Another World (1990) on Young God

14. Elders of Zion “Disco Communiste” from Dawn Refuses to Rise (2002) on Incidental

15. Bird Show “All Afternoon Pt. #2 (Dawn of the Dead)” from Green Inferno (2005) on Kranky


One comment

  1. Deep Listening Institute!!!
    Is this from the album recorded in an underground cistern with HUGE natural reverb? Cool catch, Luke!

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