12/30: A Random Addition to 2008 / Pre-Epiphany Celebration (In Hindsight)


I lied when I told you all that the previous edition of Laughter was the last of the year. I misread my calendar and did not anticipate being in Boston for an additional show so close to the new year celebration. This final show has nothing to do with 2008 or what I thought of it; these two hours collect songs I listen to a lot, material I wanted to hear but had not yet heard, and some random stuff pulled for the sake of capriciousness. Two listeners asked why I hadn’t provided a year-end list documenting my releases in a format conducive to ranking. I decided not to do that over at Brainwashed and I wasn’t going to do it here, either. But some friends have also asked for a list of things I liked and I guess there’s no better place to post my favorite records list (including the three mentioned below) than on this site.

I should note that there are still records from 2008 crossing my desk that I’ve not had the time to explore fully. Both the Hush Arbors LP and the Have a Nice Life 2x CD are just now reaching my ears and both are excellent. I’m also going to provide a list of “music I really liked” in order to make it clear that best-of lists are pretty silly most of the time; readers polls are nice, though. There should be more of those.

I’ll talk to you all, tomorrow. Enjoy the music.

Luke’s Top 10 of 2008 and Other Nonsense

10. Windy Weber, I Hate People (Blue Flea/Kenedik)
09. Graveyard, Graveyard (Tee Pee Records)
08. All the Saints, Fire on Corridor X (Killer Pimp)
07. Odd Nosdam, Pretty Swell Explode (Anticon)
06. Matmos, Supreme Balloon (Matador)
05. Boduf Songs, How Shadows Chase the Balance (Kranky)
04. Richard Pinhas & Merzbow, Keio Line (Cuneiform)
03. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes (Sub Pop)
02. Juana Molina, Un Dia (Domino)
01. Extra Life, Secular Works (Planaria)

Cool Things, Late Arrivals, and Other Music to Enjoy from 2008

Hush Arbors, Hush Arbors
Have a Nice Life, Deathconsciousness
Fennesz, Black Sea
In Camera, Open Air
Squarepusher, Just a Souvenir
Portishead, Third
James Blackshaw, Litany of Echoes
Jack Rose, Dr. Ragtime and His Pals
Growing, All the Way and Lateral
Bohren und Der Club of Gore, Dolores
Christina Carter, Masque Femine
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band – 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Is It the Sea?
Harvey Milk, Life… The Best Game in Town
Nine Inch Nails, The Slip
Motorpsycho, Little Lucid Moments
Grouper, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Brethren of the Free Spirit, All Things Are From Him, Through Him, and in Him
Stephan Mathieu, Radioland
Aidan Baker + Tim Hecker, Fantasma Parastasie
Eleanoora Rosenholm, Vainajan Muotokuva

Download: Laughter 12/30/2008

01. Coil “Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night” from Music to Play in The Dark Vol. 1 (1999) on Chalice

02. Boards of Canada “Basefree” from Twoism (2002) on Warp

03. Low Motion Disco “The Low Murderer is Out at Night” from Keep It Slow (2008) on Eskimo

04. Black Dice “Seabird” from Beaches & Canyons (2002) on DFA

05. Mouse on Mars “Bertney” from Varcharz (2006) on Ipecac

06. AFX “Every Day” from Hangable Auto Bulb (2005) on Warp — originally released in 1995

07. Squarepusher “Do You know Squarepusher” from Do You Know Squarepusher (2001) on Warp

08. Burial “Untrue” from Untrue (2007) on Hyperdub

09. Luke Vibert / Bj Cole “Dischordzilla” from Stop the Panic (2000) on Cooking Vinyl

10. Lindstrom “Grand Ideas” from Where You Go I Go Too (2008) on Feedelity

11. Seefeel “Spangle” from Starethrough (1994) on Warp

12. Harmonia 76 “Vamos Companeros” from Tracks and Traces (1997) on Ryko — originally recorded in 1976

13. Fad Gadget “Collapsing New People” from Gag (1983) on Mute

14. Kraftwerk “Taschenrechner / Dentaku” from The Mix (1991) on Elektra

15. The Human League “Blind Youth” from Reproduction (2002) on Virgin UK — originally released in 1979

16. Hooverphonic “Autoharp” from The Magnificent Tree (2000) on Epic

17. The Bug “Skeng” from London Zoo (2008) on Ninja Tune

18. Sugar Minott “Little John: Tear Down the Dance Hall” from Dancehall Showcase Vol. II (2008) on Wackies — original release date unknown

19. Rhythm & Sound “Queen in My Empire” from Dub Be Good To Me (2008) on Phazz-a-delic


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