updates, new links, requests, brain salad surgery, more

As I sit here and recover from a day of eating, eating, eating, drinking, and eating, I’ve decided to update the website just a little bit with some new links. Monday is my Sunday and also my chance to catch up on a lot of things I missed. If you check the links to your right, you’ll find a couple of new links to fine musical publications, like Foxy Digitalis. You’ll also find an updated list of labels and distributors that will help you in your quest for new and interesting music.

I’m in the process of contacting To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie for an interview they agreed to at Brainwaves; you can expect to that to happen over the course of the next month.

Tomorrow’s radio show is going to be formatted in a strange fashion; I’ll be playing some 7″ records and LPs I had buried away in my collection that I never gave any attention, as well as some records from 2008 that I never covered and never played. They’re all very good and neither their late release dates nor my blindness should keep you from hearing them on the air waves (or by download).

I’ve received more than a few emails saying “thanks for the upload” or requesting a full album featured on the show. If you want to say thanks, please leave a comment on the site instead of emailing me; it keeps my inbox a bit cleaner and the comments help the site out more than you might know (WordPress is funny like that). Also, you’ll never find a full album on this site unless I’m 100% certain it is out 0f print and difficult to find on the internet. I’m sorry, but there are more than enough MP3 blog sites out there for you to search.

I’m listening to Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery. It’s one of the best “prog” albums I can think of and it reminds me of being at home with my dad a lot. Whatever. Give it a shot.

If you’d like to contribute to Laughter in any way, please contact me via email. I’m a bit lazy and haven’t gotten the contributors portion of the site up and running, but it’s going to happen soon and I’d love to have a some extra contributors on the site. I don’t want any full album uploads, but if you have mixes, photographs, reviews, or anything else to offer, let me know.

Lots of people still search for “Laughing Stock” or “Talk Talk” and there seem to be a group of people who can’t get enough of certain posts. If you’d like a certain show re-uploaded, email me and tell me which show it is you’d enjoy seeing online.

Thanks for reading and listening. Be good to one another. Party on. Avoid eating too many sweet things in one day and avoid getting a stomach ache the following day, etc.


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