An “I Told You So” Moment: All the Saints Reviewed at Pitchfork

All the Saints
Don’t lie; I know that all of you read Pitchfork and use it to determine what records you will or won’t buy. It is the modern Rolling Stone, only with a user interface and much longer reviews. Anyways, for better or for worse it is the meter stick with which many people measure their musical choices. I could complain about Pitchfork and why I think it’s a publication that hurts a lot of music, but I won’t bother with arguments most people aren’t going to read or care about in the first place (and preaching to the choir is nearly always useless). In any case, 8 months ago I told you all to give this unknown band out of Georgia a listen because they had a great record to tour on and because everyone likes to know about cool bands first. Well, it took Pitchfork 8 months to catch up with me and the folks at Killer Pimp, but All the Saints debut record finally received some attention from Pitchfork and the review is mostly positive.

I don’t know why, but it can be so difficult to get people to give a new band or a new record a chance if some almighty publication or another doesn’t approve of it first. I’m not a smug jerk, but I’m going to take this opportunity to say, “I told you so.” There are so many places from which one can obtain free music (even legally!!!) and there are so many ways to hear new things on a day to day basis, but music continues to be hurt by this stamp-of-approval mentality. I know not everyone has time to scour the internet for music they love, but if you have time to read Pitchfork’s reviews (or mine for that matter, they’re way too long, too) then you have time to do a Google search. Go to blogs, download music, check out distributors’ release lists, pay attention to labels, try not to consume your music mindlessly, blah blah blah.

Stay tuned for that Drone Records feature. And damn it, I TOLD YOU SO.


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  1. Matt Tomic · · Reply

    What bothers me about Pitchfork is that despite their general preening, hipsterish gloss and sheen, I actually agree with a lot of their reviews. That said, they certainly aren’t the end-all-be-all to music criticism, but they sure do have their ear a lot closer to the earth than Rolling Stone does these days, anyway.

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