2/17: Brief Update


Sorry for not updating in so long. The only bit of news that I care to talk about right now is Will Oldham’s impending album release and tour and Juana Molina’s performance at the Brattle Theater on Thursday the 26th. As you all know, I’m an appreciator of Oldham’s music. I’ve never had the chance to see him live, however. He’s finally posted a show I can attend. I already have tickets for the Wilbur Theater performance set for May 17th. I’m not sure how quickly these will sell out, but judging by the cult of loyal followers Oldham has unwittingly amassed, getting tickets soon wouldn’t be a bad idea. You can visit the Royal Stable for more information about the new album, the tour, and various appearances Oldham has made in different magazines.

Juana Molina is performing at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA on the 26th. You can see other tour dates for areas closer to you by visiting her (old) website.

ZBCONLINE.COM is now the place to visit if you want to download my show. I’ll keep providing links here, but updates are going to be very infrequent. There’s lots of stuff on my plate at the moment and school is my primary focus for now.

Thanks for stoping by.


01. Scott Walker “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” from Classics & Collectibles (2005) on Mercury — originally performed by The Walker Brothers in 1966

02. Antony & the Johnsons “Daylight and the Sun” from The Crying Light (2009) on Secretly Canadian

03. Buffalo Springfield “Expecting to Fly” from Buffalo Springfield Again (1967) on Atco — written by Neil Young w/o the rest of the band

04. Tom Waits “Earth Died Screaming” from Bone Machine (1992) on Island

05. Devo “Mongoloid” from Live: Mongoloid Years (1992) on Ryko

06. Birdsongs of The Mesozoic “The Tyger” from Dawn of the Cycads (2008) on Ace Of Hearts — from Magnetic Flip, recorded in 1984

07. Fad Gadget “Speak to Me” from Gag (1984) on Mute

08. Add N to (X) “Kingdom of Shades” from Add Insult to Injury (2000) on Mute

09. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid “Between B & C” from NYC (2008) on Domino

10. High Places “A Field Guide” from High Places (2008) on Thrill Jockey

11. Bruce Peninsula “Shutters” from A Mountain is a Mouth (2009) on Bruce Trail

12. Songs : Ohia “How To Be Perfect Men” from Axxess & Ace (1999) on Secretly Canadian

13. Alva Noto “u_07” from Untitxt (2008) on Raster-noton

14. Colin Potter & Paul Bradley “Cavity” from Behind Your Very Eyes (2003) on ICR

15. Asad Qizilbash “Raga Piloo” from Asad Qizilbash – Sarod Recital/Live In Peshawar (2008) on Sub Rosa

16. Colin Andrew Sheffield “Surrender” from Signatures (2009) on Invisible Birds

17. Male “I’ll Be Standing Soon (excerpt)” from All Are Welcome (2009) on Other Electricities

18. Juana Molina “Los Hongos de Marosa” from Un Dia (2008) on Domino


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