Photographs: Zs, Keith Fullerton Whitman + Geoff Mullen, Geoglyphs @ Middle East Upstairs

My digital camera is dying a slow death, but I snagged a few pictures from the Zs/KFW+Geoff Mullen/Geoglyphs/Melissa St. Pierre show at the Middle East Upstairs on the 23rd of February. I didn’t manage to catch Melissa in action, but I have at least a couple of photos from the other sets. Forgive me for hating the use of flash, but I hate the way it makes performers look: stiff and awkward.

Zs were about 15 to 20 minutes of pure intensity – I wish they would’ve played a longer set, but it meant that Geoglyphs and the duo of KFW and Geoff Mullen had plenty of stage time. Geoglyphs is a brand new Boston band with only a few shows under their belt. They play a kind of fusion-jazz and post-rock hybrid with lots of emphasis on rhythm and heavy bass lines. Add some stylized noise like you might expect from Black Dice or Fuck Buttons and you get Geoglyphs; they also had some excellent film projections to accompany their various noises. I was pretty taken by their set. I didn’t expect the heavy rock emphasis for a bill like this, but I look forward to seeing them again

KFW and Geoff played some incredibly dense, ultra-heavy noise based around tons of synth errata, feedback,  tape loops, organ, and God knows what else. For awhile a simple rhythm took center stage and it gave the set a very industrial feel that induced more than just a little head-banging. Keith also pulled some super low end out of his equipment and managed to make the entire upstairs rumble. I could feel it in my stomach and chest.

Melissa St. Pierre’s sound was way too over-driven; it made her music sound a lot sloppier live than it does on CD. Anyways, a few people managed to attempt a dance or two while she was playing, but the music simply didn’t translate well. Her record is very good, but perhaps best suited for at-home play.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


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