3/3: 4 HOURS

Klaus Nomi

I played host on ZBC over the course of four hours last week. Lots of music to be heard, including new Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Tim Hecker, and Alva Noto. I’ll have reviews of the first two coming up in the next two weeks or so. A review of the Alva Noto record can be found at Brainwashed or just about anywhere on the internet dedicated to abstract music.

During the show a caller requested some Klaus Nomi, a name with which I am only barely familiar. After playing that song a number of listeners sent instant messages to the station about how much they enjoyed hearing his music on the air. After reading up on him, I gave more of his music a chance and now I’m very glad that listener called in and put me in the know. A friend of mine at WZBC also alerted me to this link, which illustrates the extent of Nomi’s talent. You can find examples of his music all over the internet, but I’ve found a few videos for you to watch if you don’t care to do the looking yourself.

You can also watch a preview for The Nomi Song, a film produced about him. You can find the film’s official website here.

Thanks to Andrew for the info.

More updates to come.



01. Blank Dogs “Red World” from The Fields (2008) on Woodsist

02. New Order “This Time of Night” from Lowlife (1984) on Qwest

03. Hatchback “Everything is Neu” from Colors of the Sun (2008) on Lo Recordings

04. Telepathe “Devil’s Trident” from Dance Mother (2008) on IAMSOUND

05. Nudge “War Song” from Infinity Padlock (2008) on Audraglint

06. Doves “The Man Who Told Everything” from Lost Souls (2000) on Astralwerks

07. Abe Vigoda “Don’t Lie” from Reviver (2009) on PPM

08. Parts & Labor “Wedding in a Wasteland” from Receivers (2008) on Brah / Jagjaguwar

09. Death “Where Do We Go From Here???” from …For the Whole World To See (2009) on Drag City — originally released in 1975

10. Terminal Sound System “Constructing Towers” from Constructing Towers (2008) on Extreme

11. Aphex Twin “Come to Daddy, Pappy Mix” from Come To Daddy (1997) on Warp

12. Squarepusher “Massif (Stay Strong)” from Big Loada (1997) on Warp

13. Low & Dirty Three “Down By the River” from In the Fishtank 7 (2001) on Konkurrent

14. Mountains “Add Infinity” from Choral (2009) on Thrill Jockey

15. Emeralds “Magic” from Solar Bridge (2008) on Hanson

16. Steven Halpern “Hyperspace” from Rings of Saturn (1981) on Halpern Sounds

17. Orbital “Lush 3-3 (Underworld)” from Diversions (1993) on FFRR


01. Serge Gainsbourg “L’Hotel Particulier” from Histoire de Melody Nelson (2009) on Light in the Attic — originally released in 1971 on Philips

02. Arab Strap “Turbulence” from The Red Thread (2001) on Matador

03. Songs: Ohia “Blue Chicago Moon” from Didn’t It Rain (2002) on Secretly Canadian

04. Calexico “Victor Jara’s Hands” from Carried to Dust (2008) on Quarterstick Records

05. Neko Case “John Saw That Number” from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (2006) on Anti

06. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “Beware Your Only Friend” from Beware (2009) on Drag City

07. The Stooges “1970” from Fun House (2005) on Elektra — originally released in 1970

08. Suicide “Frankie Teardrop” from Suicide (1986) on Red Star — originally released in 1977

09. Swans “Mind/Body/Light/Sound” from The Great Annihilator (1995) on Young God

10. Telefon Tel Aviv “Stay Away from Being Maybe” from Immolate Yourself (2009) on BPitch Control

11. Giuseppe Ielasi “Plans (Excerpt)” from Plans (2003) on Sedimental

12. Klaus Nomi “Simple Man” from Simple Man (1982) on Spindizzy

13. Pan Sonic “Rajatila” from A (1999) on Blast First

14. Burning Star Core “Hopelessly Devoted” from Challenger (2008) on Hospital Productions

15. Milton Cross “Mull It Over from the Midwest” from Light in the West (2008) on Digitalis Industries

16. Labradford “Star City, Russia” from A Stable Reference (1995) on Kranky

17. Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux “To See the Wonderful World” from Paquet Surprise (2005) on Carpark

18. Tim Hecker “Paragon Point” from An Imaginary Country (2009) on Kranky

19. Heldon “Ouais Marchais, mieux qu’en 68 [ex: “Le Voyeageur”]” from Electronique Guerrilla / “It’s Always Rock ‘n’ Roll” (1993) on Cuneiform Rune

20. Andrew Chalk “Over the Edges III (Excerpt)” from Over the Edges (2003) on Streamline — originally released in 1995

21. Alva Noto “Xerrox Sora” from Xerrox Vol. 2 (2008) on Raster-noton


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