3/10: I’m Sorry, Baby… I Didn’t Mean to Forget!


I’m caught up in mid-term and paper hysteria at the moment. No show last week thanks to scheduling conflicts. I will return this week. Also, this show is only going to be available until Tuesday, at which time it will disappear from the ZBC Archives. I didn’t mean to post this show so long after it was broadcast, but I have been busy with satisfying the demands of my classes. Please don’t be angry, I promise to do better next time!

KMFDM appears because for a long time they were one of the coolest bands ever, especially between the ages of 15 and 17. “Disobedience” is a great song and Nihil is a great record. Don’t be a hater. In fact, many of these songs showed up on this show because they’re favorites of mine or because they remind me of when I first began exploring music that wasn’t rock ‘n’ roll or classical music.

By the by, you should turn your heads to Killer Pimp’s website. Lots of new releases coming from that label, including new stuff from Envenomist/Luasa Raelon/David Reed and Aidan Baker. I played something from this Killer Pimp spring lineup and I think it’s great. Expect to hear more on my show. In case modern times and modern gadgetry has assisted in your development of early Alzheimer’s, I’ll remind you that KP is responsible for bringing A Place to Bury Strangers and All the Saints t0 a larger audience. It’s a great label with a hard-working man behind it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Talk to you  this Tuesday. I have some great field recordings from a Boston local and I plan to use them to good effect.

Doin’ thangs, Doin’ thangs, Doin’ thangs


01. Autechre “Flutter” from Anti EP (1994) on Warp

02. The Orb “Little Fluffy Clouds” from The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (1991) on Island

03. Mouse on Mars “Blood Comes” from Radical Connector (2004) on Thrill Jockey

04. Marissa Nadler “River of Dirt” from Little Hells (2009) on Kemado

05. Boduf Songs “Fall of Cherry Blossom in Long Shadows of Twilight” from Lion Devours the Sun (2005) on Kranky

06. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “Hard Life” from Master and Everyone (2003) on Drag City

07. The Boo Radleys “Memory Babe” from Everything’s Alright Forever (1992) on Columbia

08. The Notwist “Neon Golden” from Neon Golden (2002) on Domino

09. KMFDM “Disobedience” from Nihil (1995) on Wax Trax!

10. DJ Shadow “Organ Donor (Extended Mix)” from Preemptive Strike (1998) on Fontana Island

11. Death “Rock-N-Roll Victim” from …For the Whole World To See (2009) on Drag City — originally released in 1975

12. Bedhead “Disorder” from 4 Song CD EP (1994) on Trance Syndicate — original by Joy Division

13. Dead Letters Spell out Dead Words “Himmelschreibenden Herzen” from Lost in Reflection (2009) on Killer Pimp

14. Svalastog “Snow Tracer” from woodwork (2006) on Rune Grammofon

15. Jasper TX “Black Sleep Part III” from Black Sleep (2008) on Miasmah

16. Seefeel “Come Alive” from More Like Space (1993) on Too Pure

17. Box “Untitled 7” from Box Studio 1 (2008) on Rune Grammofon

18. Gultskra Artikler “Figase” from Berezeka (2008) on Other Electricities

19. Biosphere “Heatleak” from Shenzhou (2002) on Touch

20. Haswell & Hecker “Movement 3 (Excerpt)” from Blackest Ever Black (2007) on Warner Classics & Jazz



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