Updates, New Links, Killer Pimp, and Etc.

Killer Pimp

Low Fidelity = High Distortion

HEY – remember Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words? I played them a show or two ago; they’re part of the onslaught of new music available on Killer Pimp this month. Well, Aquarius Records just highlighted that album as one of their records of the week! Check out their review, buy the album, support Killer Pimp, etc. The release schedule KP has this year is incredible and every record, from the Ulterior EP to the latest from Aidan Baker and This Quiet Army, is worth checking out. Expect to hear a little something from each of the five KP releases on the show, tomorrow.

I’ve just added a couple of links to the sidebar; be sure to check out Love and Mathematics and Sunday Morning Country. They are two great programs on WZBC and their websites have great content. Sunday Morning Country just recently posted a great link concerning The Byrds and their performance at the Grand Ole Opry in 1968.It features Gram Parsons talking about the band being heckled that night for their haircuts, among other things.

I’ll be posting some reviews, soon, including some of the Drone Records-related stuff I promised and things that have  been featured on Brainwashed. School is, as always, a cruel mistress and she keeps me from my music more than I’d like sometimes.

Thanks for listening and for visiting.

I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.


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