3/31: Year of the Pimp

A Picture of a Picture

Photograph by Christy Romanick

As promised, I played a song from each of the five new Killer Pimp records this week, which are now available through various sources, including the KP website. If you don’t know a thing about KP, you’re missing out on a lot of great music. Back in 2001, KP released a record from Kate Mosh (aka Panacea/Mathis Moots/M2). It was heavy, dark, beat-filled electronic music that got some love from Aquarius, but was generally missed by people because Pitchfork didn’t cover it. Your loss. Years later A Noise/Girl record and Blood Money release came out on KP and, once more, two very good records hit an audience not ready for them. That Noise/Girl record is particularly vicious, features artwork by the infamous Trevor Brown, and is complimented by a disco remix from hell that kicks as much ass as Bruce Lee did.

Then KP came upon A Place to Bury Strangers and fell in love. I know you know who they are, so I won’t say too much about them except that their album helped KP earn the recognition it deserved. From there the label went into full activity and released a superb record from All the Saints and Lithops, all within a couple of short and quick years.

That’s all history, though. Two-thousand and nine is the year of the Pimp. Five records have been released this year and some are already close to selling out:

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words already got a record of the week nod over at Aquarius, the Baker & Thisquietarmy release is nearly gone from KP, and the others are apparently following suit. I’ll have something to write up about each of them, soon, but for now trust me when I tell you each one is worth your dime. That Ulterior record is utterly brutal and features some great, greasy, grimy, dirty rock music complimented by Skinny Puppy and Pan Sonic-type beats and more than a little attitude. Envenomist’s record continues David Reed’s streak of dark, powerful noise records, and the Blood Money record features one of the most impressive and unique vocal performances I’ve heard from a noise band. Mark my words, Killer Pimp will have more than one record featured on everyone’s year-end list once December rolls around.

Also featured this week was some found-sound material recorded and edited by Boston-native Rick Breault. He’s since supplied me with a more refined and arranged record built upon his recordings throughout the Northeast. You can expect to hear more of his music in the coming weeks and hopefully I can get an interview out of him.

Thank you for your comments, emails, requests, and questions. It makes me very happy to know so many of you are listening regularly and enjoying the program.

I will talk you again on Tuesday. Make sure to check out the reviews posted below and keep an eye out for further reviews. I promise you I’m working on them every chance I get.

This is a Download: THEE FIRST HOUR, FOR YOU!

01. Ulterior “The Death of Everything” from Kempers Heads (2009) on Killer Pimp

02. Pan Sonic “Pakoisvoima / Fugalforce” from Kesto (234.48:4) (2004) on Mute

03. Throbbing Gristle “Hot on the Heels of Love” from Greatest Hits (1990) on Mute

04. Delarosa & Asora “Airbrush (Clogged)” from Crush the Sight Seers (2002) on Peerineel

05. Pole “Bushes [There Is a Secret Behind]” from Pole (2003) on Mute

06. Blood Money “Secret Rapture” from Blood Brotherhood (2009) on Killer Pimp

07. Dead Letters Spell out Dead Words “In Crowded Rooms, On Empty Streets” from Lost in Reflections (2009) on Killer Pimp

08. Land of Kush “The Light Over the Ranges” from Against the Day (2009) on Constellation

09. Pomassl “Terawatt Hours” from Spare Parts (2007) on Raster-noton

10. Coil “Slur” from Horse Rotorvator (1986) on Thershold House

11. Envenomist “The 11th Hour” from The Helix (2009) on Killer Pimp

12. Rick Breault “Yah” from Spy Punks (2009) on Self Released

13. Deathprod “Dead People’s Things” from Morals and Dogma (2004) on Rune Grammofon

14. Rick Breault “Cicadda Riddim” from Spy Punks (2009) on Self Released

15. Faust Vs. Dälek “Remnants” from Derbe Respect, Alder (2003) on Staubgold

16. Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy “Loss of Perspective” from A Picture of a Picture (2009) on Killer Pimp

17. Fennesz “Instrument 1” from Field Recordings 1995-2002 (2002) on Touch

18. Polmo Polpo “Requiem For a Fox (Excerpt)” from Like Hearts Swelling (2003) on Constellation


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  1. […] claimed earlier in the year that 2009 would be the Year of the Pimp. Killer Pimp to be precise. I was right; they released four spectacular records this year. But, […]

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