4/7: Windy & Carl Tour with Benoit Pioulard

Windy & Carl, Benoit Pioulard, Lambs Laughter Tour 2009

I am very excited to tell you that Windy & Carl are touring this year and even more excited that Thomas Meluch of Benoit Pioulard is joining them. Brainwashed has the info on the tour, which begins on the 22nd of April in London, Ontario and proceeds down the east coast for the majority of the tour. However, if you don’t like to click links, I’ve provided the tour dates and info below. Instead of trying to write a whole lot about one of my favorite bands, I suggest you download the show and listen to the second half with extra care. Windy & Carl are amazingly diverse and can do everything from pure ambient drone to fuzzed out, dreamy pop that puts most popular shoegaze bands to shame.

Stop reading, download the show. Go see Windy & Carl with Benoit Pioulard.

More updates coming, soon!

(From Brainwashed.com) —

April 22 – London, ON – the convention center theatre
300 york street
doors will be at 8:00 with the show starting at 9:00.
the cost is $10 advanced (tickets available at grooves records) and $12 at the door.
first night of the tour! lambs, benoit, w&c – expect 90 plus minutes of w&c

April 23 –  Toronto, ON – WhipperSnapper Art Gallery
587 A College St
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter – all ages show

April 24 – Ithaca, NY – The Shop
312 E. Seneca St.
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter – all ages show

April 25 – Haverford College, PA – Lunt Basement
College Lane and Carter Road
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter – all ages show

April 26 – New Haven, CT – Sundazed @ Bar
254 Crown St
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter – this show is 21 and up

April 27 – Tufts University, Boston (Medford), MA – Oxfam Cafe
Basement of Miller Hall, 210 Packard Avenue
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter – this show is 18 and over

April 28 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter – all ages show

April 30 – Richmond, VA – The Triple
3306 W. Broad St
18 and over
tickets $6

May 1 – Ashville, NC – Bebe Theatre
20 commerce st
lambs, benoit, w&c all ages

May 2 – Atlanta, GA – 529
529 Flat Shoals Ave SE
windy & carl, benoit pioulard, lambs laughter, lyonnais – this show is 21 and up

May 3 – Lexington, KY – Bullhorn
800 N Limestone
1-Caboladies 2-Lambs Laughter 3-Benoit Pioulard 4-Windy & Carl – all ages show

May 8 – Detroit, MI – UFO Factory
eastern market
Cost:not sure
more than likely just windy & carl – expect a really long set……..bring a pillow and expect to stay a long time


01. Electrelane “I’m on Fire” from On Parade (2001) on Too Pure

02. Trans Am “Koln” from You Can Always Get What You Want (2000) on Thrill Jockey

03. VVV “Desperate Fa Tha Miracle” from Endless (1998) on Blast First

04. The Sound “Physical World” from Propaganda (1999) on Renascent Records — recorded 1979

05. Lotus Plaza “What Grows” from The Floodlight Collective (2009) on Kranky

06. Starlight Mints “Cracker Jack” from The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of (2000) on Seethru Broadcasting

07. Lee Hazelwood “Pray Them Bars Away” from Cowboy in Sweden (1999) on Smells Like Records — originally composed in 1970

08. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Afraid Ain’t Me” from Beware (2009) on Drag City

09. Ida “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” from Ten Small Places (1997) on Simple Machines

10. Dirty Old Man River “City of New Orleans” from Ageless (2000) on Radial Records

11. Scout Niblett “Nevada” from This Fool Can Die Now (2007) on Too Pure

12. Alastair Galbraith “Green Dream” from CRY (2000) on Emperor Jones

13. Dead Meadow “Ain’t Got Nothing (To Go Wrong)” from Old Growth (2008) on Matador

14. Benoit Pioulard “Ragged Tint” from Temper (2008) on Kranky

15. Lambs Laughter “Tuesday Edit” from Brainwaves 2008 (2008) on Brainwashed Recordings

16. Windy & Carl “Lighthouse” from Drawing of Sound (1996) on Icon Records

17. Windy & Carl “Ode to Spaceman” from Portal (1995) on Ba Da Bing!

18. Benoit Pioulard “Triggering Back” from Precis (2006) on Kranky

19. Windy & Carl “I Have Been Waiting to Hear Your Voice” from The Dream House (2005) on Kranky

20. Windy & Carl “Green” from Introspection (2002) on Blue Flea — originally released in 1996

21. Benoit Pioulard “Hesperus” from Temper (2008) on Kranky

22. Windy & Carl “Antarctica (Excerpt)” from Antarctica (1997) on Darla


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