4/13: Monday the 13th

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow… uh… making music.

Monday the 13th turned out to be a fine day for me, with Tuesday the 14th bringing malfunctioning equipment and an overall poor show. You can find the show for the 14th if you’d like to do so, but I’m not going to post it because I disliked it so much. That’ll teach me to play things with which I am not familiar. Seems like rock ‘n’ roll sucks more than ever, especially among these super-ironic, happy-go-lucky rich kids who play music in order to affirm that, yes, they’re hip. I shouldn’t say rock ‘n’ roll sucks, it’s just that popular “indie” crap. Does that label even mean anything any more?

In any case, the 13th was fun and the show is posted below.

Expect a review of a Jack Rose album to be posted, tonight. Lots of new music popping up recently, but I’ve only been able to get around to some of it thanks to the end of the school year. Black Moth Super Rainbow’s new record sounds as though it’s going to be a winner, but Black Dice have released another record with which I am mostly unsatisfied. I featured a song from both bands, so give the show a listen if you’re interested in either and haven’t downloaded/bought their records, yet. I hope to feature more new music in the coming weeks, but if there’s anything you’ve heard lately and that you’d like to hear on the show, shoot me an email. I always like suggestions, even if I ended up disliking them.

Hope you enjoy the mix. I’ll talk to you on Tuesday.

DOWNLOAD, HOUR 1 is for the first segment of the show

DOWNLOAD, HOUR 2 represents what was played after the first hour

01. Squarepusher “Coopers World” from Hard Normal Daddy (1997) on Warp

02. Black Moth Super Rainbow “Twin of Myself” from Eating Us (2009) on Graveface Records

03. Nurse With Wound “Untitled 12” from Rat Tapes 1 (2006) on United Dairies

04. Black Dice “Night Creme” from Repo (2009) on Paw Tracks

05. Aphex Twin “Metal Grating (CD 2, Song 3)” from Selected Ambient Works Volume II (1994) on Sire

06. Brian Eno “King’s Lead Hat” from Before and After Science (1984) on BMI

07. Autechre “19 Headaches” from Peel Sessions 2 (2000) on Warp

08. Venetian Snares “XIII’s Dub” from Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms (2006) on Planet Mu

09. Senking “Maybe” from Tap (2003) on Raster-noton

10. Trans Am “Home Security” from The Surveillance (1998) on Thrill Jockey

11. Bohren & Der Club of Gore “Destroying Angels” from Black Earth (2004) on Ipecac

12. Coil Vs. ELpH “Protection” from Born Again Pagans (1994) on Eskaton

13. Scorn “Dreamspace” from Evanescence (1995) on Earache

14. The Legendary Pink Dots “The Shock of Contact” from Island of Jewels (1989) on Play It Again Sam

15. Terminal Sound System “Ghost Summer” from Compressor (2007) on Extreme

16. To Rocco Rot & I-sound “From Dream to Daylight” from Music Is a Hungry Ghost (2001) on Mute

17. Troum “Sigquan Part 1 (Excerpt)” from Sigquan (2002) on Desolation House

18. Thuja “9” from Ghost Plants (2002) on Emperor Jones

19. Rapoon “Hear Not Here (Excerpt)” from Errant Angels (1996) on Soleilmoon


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