4/21: History Always Favours the Winners

The Caretaker

There’s a couple of things to which I’d like to direct your attention:


The Megapolis Festival is a “celebration of DIY audio creation,” which will feature demonstrations, workshops, performances, lectures, videos, and inventions of various kinds, including a bicycle-powered 8-track player. There’s so much going on that I can’t even begin to name everything. I can, however, direct you to a couple of websites where all the information you could possibly want can be found. Students get into the festival at a reduced rate.  THIS WEBSITE RIGHT HERE is home base for Megapolis, has pricing information, schedules, a blog, and many other things. The Myspace page for Megapolis features a couple of videos, as well as a slightly more organized list of events, speakers, and so on.  Tickets are $45 for the entire event, with students getting in for the reduced cost of $30. Rumor has it that Alvin Lucier is connected to this festival in some way, but you can read about that on the Megapolis website. GO! Now!

V/VM Test Records Has Died and Been Reborn

Things over at V/VM Test Records have changed a lot since we last checked in with them. V/VM Test Records is effectively a dead entity, though all its online material is still available for you to gobble up, much of it free. In its place is the new HISTORY ALWAYS FAVOURS THE WINNERS label, which is re-releasing a ton of music from The Caretaker and V/VM. The Stranger, featured on today’s show, is part of the V/VM entity. Reissues of everything ever recorded by The Caretaker, plus a V/VM retrospective, and new music are all on the way from this label. Please visit the new site and the old site and familiarize yourself with the creative, honest, stubborn, hilarious, and lovely musical entity that is Leyland James Kirby’s brain.

I was happy with this show and am glad to know that a lot of you enjoyed it, too. Thank you for your kind comments and for your support.

Please pass the word along and let more people know about Laughter.

More soon.


DOWNLOADS – Hour 1 is Part 1 of 2

DOWNLOADS – Hour 2 is the Second Hour of 2 Total Hours

01. Burial “Archangel” from Untrue (2007) on Hyperdub

02. Rechenzentrum “Planet Janet” from Rechenzentrum (2000) on Kitty-yo

03. Amon Tobin “Four Ton Mantis” from Supermodified (2000) on Ninja Tune

04. Philip Jeck “Above” from Stoke (2002) on Touch

05. The Residents “Birth” from Eskimo (1979) on Euro Ralph

06. Timber Timbre “Trouble Comes Knocking” from Timber Timbre (2009) on Out of This Spark

07. James Blackshaw “Cross” from The Glass Bead Game (2009) on Young God

08. Barn Owl “The White Mountain Filled with Light” from From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light (2009) on Digitalis Recordings — originally released in 2008 on Not Not Fun Records

09. Crystal Antlers “Glacier” from Tentacles (2009) on Touch & Go

10. Blood Money “Peri” from Blood Brotherhood (2009) on Killer Pimp

11. Xingu Hill + Squaremeter “Dim of Light” from This Anxious Space (2002) on Hymen

12. Ulterior “15” from Kempers Heads (2009) on Killer Pimp

13. The Stranger “Exposure” from Bleaklow (2008) on V/Vm Test Records

14. Einstürzende Neubauten “Fiat Lux” from Haus der Luege (1989) on Mute

15. Scannerfunk “Light Turned Down” from Wave of Light by Wave of Light (2000) on Sulpher

16. The Human League “The Black Hit of Space” from Travelogue (1980) on Virgin Records

17. Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express / Metal on Metal” from Minimum-Maximum (2005) on EMI

18. Nebulo “Automnal” from Kolia (2006) on Hymen


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