4/28: Swans to Reform?


I waited to update the blog so that I could post a link to the Brainwashed feature I wrote about Michael Gira’s performance at the Oxfam Cafe on the 26th of April. The show was amazing, but even more amazing was Gira’s thoughts about getting Swans back together. I only had the chance to talk to him briefly, but he gave Brainwashed the go-ahead to start the rumor mill that Swans might one day reunite. As he was leaving, he mentioned in a leisurely way that one day an Angels of Light/Swans tour could happen; at least, he said, he thought it sounded like a good idea.

I’d say so.

You can read the concert report over at Brainwashed. He played six new songs, two of them were performed for the first time.

Windy & Carl, Benoit Pioulard, and Lambs Laughter came through town last week, too. Their shows were unbelievable, with Lambs Laughter pulling a Buffalo Springfield cover out of their hat and Benoit Pioulard playing a haunting, lovely set. Windy & Carl played a nice, long, dreamy set and let loose some truly ethereal guitar work. Last time I saw Windy & Carl, they played “The Dream House” at Brainwaves 2006. This time around I got to see some of Carl’s chops close up. That guy can rip a guitar up like no other. As a result, I haven’t been able to keep Drawing of Sound out of my CD player.

I picked up a couple of new records when they came to town and I’ll be reviewing those shortly.

I’ll talk to all of you, tomorrow. Expect to hear some SWANS.



01. Michael Gira “Destroyer” from I Am Singing To You From My Room (2004) on Young God

02. Wovenhand “Ain’t No Sunshine” from Wovenhand (2003) on Sounds Familyre

03. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Champion” from Chijimi (2009) on Royal Stable Music

04. Animal Hospital “2nd Anniversary” from Memory (2009) on Barge

05. Benoit Pioulard “Sundown, Sundown” from Lee (2009) on Hall of Owls

06. Windy & Carl “I Won’t” from Instrumentals for the Broken Hearted (2009) on Blue Flea

07. Boards of Canda “Skyliner” from Trans Canada Highway (2006) on Warp

08. Oneohtrix Point Never “Zones Without People” from Zones Without People (2009) on Arbor

09. Pas Chic Chic “Vous Comprenez Pourquoi” from Au Contraire (2008) on Semprini

10. Aidan Baker “Twenty-Four Hours” from Gathering Blue (2009) on Equation Records — original by Joy Division

11. Älgarnas Trägård “Rings of Saturn” from Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I Forntiden (1995) on Silence Records — originally recorded and released in 1972

12. Angels of Light “Jackie’s Spine” from We Are Him (2007) on Young God

13. Mogwai “A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters” from Young Team (1997) on Chemikal Underground

14. Emeralds “Living Room” from What Happened (2009) on No Fun Productions

15. Jonas Reinhardt “Blue Cutawaty / Tore Earth Clinker” from Jonas Reinhardt (2008) on Kranky

16. Benoit Pioulard “Maginot” from Flocks (2009) on Blue Flea

17. Rapoon “After the Storm” from Dark Rivers (2009) on Lens Records

18. Venetian Snares “Mongoloid Alien” from Filth (2009) on Planet Mu



  1. reunions are big as hell these days. 60 bucks to see mbv. 30 bucks to see tg. (both worth it) this really awful reiteration of skinny puppy that’s running around. folks going to atp to see bands play their classic albums front-to-back. etc.

    michael gira is no fool.

    how is the new stuff?

  2. The new stuff sounds great. A couple of them were very repetitive, almost mantric. I can very easily imagine them sounding like early Swans records with the right guys behind the guitars and drums.

  3. […] and Music Tags: Angels of Light, Michael Gira, Swans, Young God, Young God Records After telling Brainwashed that he was thinking about Swans again, Michael Gira has confirmed that the band will be entering […]

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