5/17: A Fistful of Songs

I think of mixes shared over the internet as tapes you give to all of your friends in hopes that they’ll find something they like and then buy it. I made countless tapes for just that reason before MP3s were a big deal and so did virtually everyone else in the world. Not everyone sees it that way, though, so if any of the artists featured on this little mix want it removed, just say so and I’ll remove the link.

A friend of mine asked that I put together some good music for her summer listening pleasure. I think she may have wanted a lot of new music, but this is the mix I ended up sending her way. It’s mostly music I love with a predominantly country/rock theme. There’s some new and some old music on the mix; some of it is like what you’d expect to hear on my show and some of it is not. Either way, hopefully you find something here you enjoy. Expect to see more of these mixes over the summer.

There is a slot at WZBC that may be open to me for some summer programming, but I’ve not confirmed that, yet. As soon as I know for sure what times I’ll be playing, it’ll be posted right here.

Thanks for coming by and enjoy the music.


# – Artist – “Song” – Album – (Year) – [Notes]

01. Ennio Morricone – “A Fisful of Dollars” – The Very Best Of… (1964)

02. Comets on Fire – “Jaybird” – Avatar (2006)

03. Gram Parsons – “Ooh Las Vegas” – Grevious Angel (1974)

04. Electrelane – “I’m On Fire” – On Parade (2003) [original by Bruce Springsteen]

05. Low – “Hatchet” – Drums and Guns (2007)

06. Akron/Family & The Angels of Light – “I Pity the Poor Immigrant” – The Angels of Light & Akron/Family (2005) [original by Bob Dylan]

07. Juana Molina – “El Vestido” – Un Dia (2008)

08. Gary Higgins – “Thicker Than A Smokey” – Red Hash (1973)

09. Aerial M – “Last Caress” – October (1998) [original by The Misfits]

10. Timber Timbre – “Trouble comes Knocking” – Timber Timbre (2009)

11. Corb Lund – “Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier” – Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! (2007)

12. Palace Music – “Horses” – Lost Blues and Other Songs (1997)

13. Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound – “The Slumbering Ones” – When Sweet Sleep Returned (2009)

14. Arbouretum – “Pale Rider Blues” – Rites of Uncovering (2007)

15. Calexico – “El Gatillo (Trigger Revisted)” – Carried to Dust (2008)

16. Neil Young – “Revolution Blues (Acoustic)” – Live in NY: May 16th (1974) [bootleg,  from On the Beach]

17. Magnolia Electric Co. – “Hammer Down” – Nashville Moon (2007) [from Sojourner box set, alternate version, originally from What Comes After the Blues?]


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