Updates: Show Times, Links, Reviews, Stats

Hello Everyone!

A quick update from me: looks like I have a time slot for this summer. Laughter will now be broadcast on alternating Sundays starting  a full two weeks from today. I will be on the air from 4pm until 6pm.

Though it’s been nearly a full month since I stepped into the studio, May has been Laughter’s best month, yet. I’ve received more hits, more downloads, and more email this month than I have in any other month since I switched the site to WordPress. I hope you’ve enjoyed the site and continue to visit; please leave comments (and not just emails!) if you like what you see, here.

Make sure to check out some of the new links I’ve added to the sidebar. Arcane Detritus is a particularly interesting blog full of strange and completely insane sounds for you to download. Some of the more odd-ball cult-ish stuff available there is absolutely essential for anyone that desires to hear the weirdest the world has to offer. You’ll never look at hot dogs or God the same way…

I’ve also posted some reviews over the past week or two. I hope they’re informative, helpful, etc. – the new Foetus has completely blown my mind. You’ll probably hear something from that compilation on the next Laughter broadcast.

Thank you for visiting! Talk to all of you, soon.


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