6/14: Jóhann Interview + Videos + New Show

Johann JohannssonFinally getting around to updating the website. As promised, you’ll find Jóhann tour dates posted below along with links to a few of his videos on Youtube and to the interview I played during the show. Many thanks to Adam Wiltize for conducting the interview and sending it my way.

My review of the new Foetus retrospective is available below, but after playing two songs from that release on the show, I feel the need to re-emphasize just how excellent it is. New Xela and SoiSong made it to this week’s broadcast as well new music from the Raster-Noton label and a great cut from the new Kreng album on Miasmah. Be sure to give that one a look; I’ll probably feature it again next show.

As always, this show will be available for exactly two weeks and then will become unavailable. That’s just how the ZBC Archives work. There’s a way to download the original file if you’re looking to do so. A quick Google search will reveal all.

Thank you for listening. I’ll have some more here for you in the coming days.

TOUR DATES (all shows 8pm):


DOWNLOAD 6/14 SHOW (includes interview): part 1, part 2

01. Fridge “Version” from Eph (1999) on Go Beat

02. Oneohtrix Point Never “When I Get Back From New York” from A Pact Between Strangers (2008) on Gneiss Things

03. Trans Am “Cocaine Computer” from Future World (1999) on Thrill Jockey

04. SoiSong “T-Hu Ri Toh” from xAj3z (2009) on Self Released

05. Foetus “Primordial Industry / Industrial Go-Slow” from Limb (2009) on Ectopic Ents

06. Jóhann Jóhannsson “The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)” from Fordlandia (2008) on 4AD

07. Kreng “Kolossus” from L’Autopsie Phenomenale (2009) on Miasmah

08. Grischa Lichtenberger “Calipso” from ~Treibgut (2009) on Raster-noton

09. Jóhann Jóhannsson “Melodia (Guidelines for a Space Propulsion Device Based on Heim’s Quantum Theory)” from Fordlandia (2008) on 4AD

10. Xela “Untitled (Side A)” from Heirs of the Fire (2009) on SMTG Limited

11. C-Schulz “Flimm I” from 5. Flicker Tunes (2004) on Sonig

12. Xeno and Oaklander “Vigils” from Vigils (2007) on Xanten


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