Note to Newcomers…

Brief note for new readers and listeners: with just a few exceptions, none of my shows are available for download longer than two weeks after the broadcast. There are ways I could make the shows permanently available, but if you keep up with the site, you’ll find you can download them and hold onto them yourself. If anyone really wants a show uploaded again, email me. If enough people ask (or if you ask nicely enough), I’ll repost the show for you IF I made a copy of it for myself. At one time I was recording every last minute of my shows, but I no longer do so because I don’t want to have a bunch of CD-Rs sitting around my house that could be used to blackmail or embarrass me later in life. There’s already enough ammunition out there in that regard…

I’ve been asked to post a couple of records featured on the last few shows, too. I won’t do this unless the record is out of print. Since both requests were for in-print records released last year, I’m not going to upload them. I’ve been posting mixes to the blog lately and that’s as far as I will go with uploading music that’s not featured on my radio show. There are lots of album blogs out there, I don’t think I need to add to the pile.

Please support musicians. Buy the things you download and like.



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