9/6: Fall Preview

David BowieMy final year as a student at Boston College is now underway. That means a couple of things. First, updates here are going to become far less frequent, though I know they weren’t overwhelming in the first place. I’ll talk a little bit more about that here in just a few sentences. Second, Laughter will be moving to a new day and time yet again. With the change in my school schedule comes a change in my work schedule as well as an onslaught of new students and DJs at WZBC. I’m hoping for a Tuesday morning slot, but I won’t know more until the station’s general meeting is held. Until then, assume that I will be on the air next Sunday.

School won’t be the only thing keeping me from this weblog. Former Laughter intern, Boston College student, web designer, and photographer extraordinaire Julian Furtak has asked me to work with him on a project he’s been developing over the last couple months. Onafriday.com is currently live and features Boston-specific content regarding movies, music, live shows, special events, radio, photographs and more. I’ll be writing for that website when time permits, editing its content, and generally trying to help out because I think it’s a great idea that’s good for Boston.  A lot of talented individuals are involved and I have very high expectations for the project all around. I hope I can contribute meaningful material as the site continues to grow. Please visit us there and leave a comment or email. Boston desperately needs precisely what this site plans to provide and the only way it can grow is if you spread the word.

I will still post my shows and reviews here along with interviews (still coming) and the odd comment or two, but much of my time will be devoted to On a Friday.

This week’s show should give you a good idea of what to expect from me throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. My first attempt at incorporating modern classical music into the programming was a nearly total failure, but I’m working to rectify that because I like the music so much and because so very few people play any of it on the radio. I’ll try again next show, hopefully with better results. More psychedelic and heavy rock will be featured and in general I hope to make the show more varied than it already is. That means including plenty of music not normally featured on the show, just as long as it all holds together in an enjoyable way. I don’t know enough about rap, dubstep, and a few other genres of music to include them in my show regularly, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pop up more frequently. I started Laughter because I wanted to put on the best variety show possible and I wanted to merge so-called “experimental” music with rock music in all its various forms. I hope to make that more obvious as the semester progresses.

You can download this show for the next two weeks or so, at which time it will disappear forever from the ZBC archives. The majority of the bands featured this week are so well-known that my saying any more about them would border on the pornographic. But, David Bowie’s been in my blood for the last month or so and I can’t resist putting in a couple of cents. After listening to Station to Station 10 or so times in the last few weeks I’m convinced that I simply don’t know enough about the man’s music and that my prejudices about various genres need to be eliminated. Low and Ziggy Stardust were always my go-to albums and I ignored much of his career mainly because I dismissed “glam” of any sort as pretentious, unnecessary, and largely empty ornamentation. Without thinking, I simply ignored what I hadn’t heard and assumed that his singles told me as much as I needed to know about him. It is relieving to know I’ve been more wrong about other things. Now is as good a time as ever to go back and explore his music. Lots of videos exist on Youtube and plenty of them are worth a look. The fashion still looks ridiculous to me, but the music couldn’t sound better. His blend of krautrock, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll, and pop music still sounds amazing to me and his best work is essentially unmatched by anyone also making a claim to genre-bending talents.

Hope you enjoy the show.




01. David Bowie “Station to Station” from Station to Station (1976) on RCA

02. Neu! “Negativland” from Neu! (1972) on Brain Records/Polygram

03. Brian Eno “Baby’s on Fire” from Here Come the Warm Jets (1973) on Virgin

04. The Residents “Boots” from Meet the Residents (1974) on ralph records

05. Jandek “The Places You Left Me Part Two” from Hasselt Saturday (2009) on Corwood Industries

06. Talk Talk “Eden” from Spirit of Eden (1988) on EMI

07. Tim Hecker “Currents of Electrostasy” from An Imaginary Country (2009) on Kranky

08. Legendary Pink Dots “Dissonance” from Nemesis Online (1998) on Soleilmoon

09. Phew “Doze” from S/T (1986) on Pass Records-japan

10. The Stooges “Fun House” from Funhouse (1970) on Elektra/Asylum

11. Rävjunk “Sherry, Vermouth, Vin & Ol” from Uppsala Stadhotell Brinner (2007) on Transubstans Records — originally released in 1977

12. Comets on Fire “Pussy Foot the Duke” from Blue Cathedral (2004) on Sub Pop

13. Sun Araw “The Message” from Heavy Deeds (2009) on Not Not Fun

14. Windy & Carl “Venice” from Drawing of Sound (1996) on Icon Records

15. Low “Canada” from Trust (2004) on Kranky

16. Sonic Youth “Disconnection Notice” from Murray Street (2002) on Geffen

17. Bardo Pond “Lost Word” from Ticket Crystals (2006) on ATP

18. Wovenhand “Whistling Girl” from Mosaic (2006) on Sounds Familyre

19, David Bowie “Wild is the Wind” from Station to Station (1976) on RCA


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