Sagan/Science Music: If You Wish to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch…

… you must first invent the universe.

A few weeks back I came across a video created by John Boswell that blended clips from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos with music. He had used auto-tuner to shape Sagan’s words into lyrics, and he’d even included a guest appearance from Stephen Hawking. The idea sounds simple, but the result is beautiful. If that assessment sounds a little strong, it’s only because of my admiration for Sagan and for anyone who devotes their life to education. Nevertheless, the music and video are both clever and incredibly well produced.

Just today I found out Boswell has released another similar video, this time through a website called The Symphony of Science. They’re both so good (and I’ve been listening to them so much) that I thought I’d share them with you. Make sure to visit his site if you like what you see and hear:



  1. That’s pretty awesome. Are you familiar with Benn Jordan’s album “Pale Blue Dot – A tribute to Carl Sagan”?

  2. I haven’t! Similar thing?

  3. Not similar since it has no sample but it’s great music to listen and think about all that had to happen for us to be alive. And I just saw that “A Glorious Dawn” is going to be released as a 7-inch on Jack White’s label:

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I was hoping to see an album or an EP of this music, but a 7″ is a good start.

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