Delays: Beware, When Sweet Sleep Returned

Normally, I’d have plenty I’d want to say about two of my favorite records this year, but time constraints make that task an impossibility.

Nevertheless, here are both the shows from the last two weeks archived for your listening enjoyment. Two weeks back we featured Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Beware as album of the week, this week we featured Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound and their album, When Sweet Sleep Returned. The show from two weeks ago features a ton of new music, including four cuts from Beware. The most recent show features mostly older stuff, with Assemble Head representing the only music from 2009.

Next week’s show is going to be run almost entirely by my interns, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have an album of the week for you. Any extra time I might gain from fewer responsibilities will go into making a proper post here on the website.

Thanks for stopping by – hope you enjoy the music.

DOWNLOAD : 11/16 : HOUR 1

DOWNLOAD : 11/16 : HOUR 2

01. Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound “Two Birds” from When Sweet Sleep Returned (2009) on Tee Pee

02. Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound “Drunken Leaves” from When Sweet Sleep Returned (2009) on Tee Pee

03. Yeasayer “2080” from All Hour Cymbals (2007) on We Are Free

04. Yo La Tengo “Cherry Chapstick” from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (2000) on Matador

05. Silver Jews “Buckingham Rabbit” from American Water (1998) on Drag City

06. The Cramps “Sheena’s in a Goth Gang” from Big Beat from Badsville (1997) on Epitaph

07. Sonic Youth “Paper Cup Exit” from Sonic Nurse (2004) on Geffen

08. New Order “Ceremony” from Substance (1987) on Qwest

09. Cop Shoot Cop “We Shall Be Changed” from Suck City (1992) on Atlantic

10. Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band “The Clouds are Full of Wine (not Whiskey or Rye)” from Lick My Decals Off Baby (1970) on Straight Records

11. Aphex Twin “Windowlicker” from Windowlicker (1999) on Warp

12. Daniel Johnston “Story of an Artist” from Welcome To My World (2006) on Eternal Yip-Eye Music

13. Foetus “Cirrhosis of the Heart” from Flow (2001) on Thirsty Ear

14. Belbury Poly “Owls and Flowers” from The Owl’s Map (2006) on Ghost Box

15. LCD Soundsystem “Disco Infiltrator” from S/T (2004) on DFA

16. Chicks on Speed “Yes I Do!” from Will Save Us All (2000) on Chicks on Speed

17. Man Or Astro Man? “Joker’s Wild” from Destroy All Astro-Men! (1994) on Estrus

18. Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound “By the Rippling Green” from When Sweet Sleep Returned (2009) on Tee Pee

19. Cranes “Jewel” from Forever (1993) on Dedicated

20. Belle & Sebastian “Sleep the Clock Around” from The Boy With The Arab Strap (1998) on Matador

21. Broadcast “Lunch Hour Pops” from Haha Sound (2003) on Warp

22. The Fall “Touch Sensitive” from The Marshall Suite (1999) on Artful Records

23. Assemble Head in the Sunburst Sound “End Under Down” from When Sweet Sleep Returned (2009) on Tee Pee


DOWNLOAD : 11/9 : HOUR 1

DOWNLOAD : 11/9 : HOUR 2

01. Four Tet “Love Cry” from Love Cry (2009) on Domino

02. Brian Harnetty “And Under the Winesap Tree” from Silent City (2009) on Atavistic

03. Broadcast And The Focus Group “Let It Begin/Oh Joy” from Broadcast And The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age (2009) on Warp

04. Seven Stapleton and Tony Wakeford “Flower Dream Song” from Revenge of the Selfish Shellfish (2009) on Robot Records — originally released in 1992 on Tursa

05. Jason Molina and Will Johnson “34 Blues” from Molina and Johnson (2009) on Secretly Canadian

06. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “You Don’t Love Me” from Beware (2009) on Drag City

07. Bear in Heaven “Deafening Love” from Beast rest Forth Mouth (2009) on Hometapes

08. The Black Heart Procession “Wasteland” from six (2009) on Temporary Residence

09. Karl Blau “All Over the Town” from Zebra (2009) on K

10. Ryoji Ikeda “Data.Reflex” from Dataplex (2005) on Raster-noton

11. Venetian Snares “Crashing the Yogurt Truck” from Filth (2009) on Planet Mu

12. The Dutchess & the Duke “Hands” from Sunset/Sunrise (2009) on Hardly Art

13. Magnolia Electric Co “O! Grace” from Josephine (2009) on Secretly Canadian

14. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “I Don’t Belong to Anyone” from Beware (2009) on Drag City

15. Wild Beasts “Two Dancers” from Two Dancers (2009) on Domino

16. Built to Spill “Nowhere Lullaby” from There Is No Enemy (2009) on Warner Brothers

17. Kurt Vile “Monkey” from Childish Prodigy (2009) on Matador

18. Six Organs of Admittance “Actaeon’s Fall (Against the Hounds)” from Luminous Night (2009) on Holy Mountain

19. Pink Mountaintops “Execution” from Outside Love (2009) on Jagjaguwar

20. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “There is Something I Have to Say” from Beware (2009) on Drag City

21. World Domination Enterprises “Asbestos Lead Asbestos” from Let’s Play Domination (1988) on Caroline

22. Brian Eno “The Big Ship” from Another Green World (2004) on Virgin

23. Richard Youngs “Broke Up By Night” from Under Stellar Stream (2009) on Jagjaguwar

24. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “Afraid Ain’t Me” from Beware (2009) on Drag City


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