12/14: Last Show of the Year

My plans to have a big year-end radio program for everyone to enjoy were squelched by my inability to check or use a calendar. So, while I liked having an album of the week, none of it led anywhere and ultimately I dropped the whole thing in favor of having a fun last show in the studio. Anthony wrapped up his internship by programming the entire first hour and I rounded things out with a set of new and old music I’d been listening to during the previous week.

I’ll be posting a year end favorites list, but I won’t be doing a top ten style thing. I recently read an article over at Dusted about how shitty top ten lists can be and I think I agreed with it, at least mostly. I’ll also be posting some year end mixes and uploading them through the holidays. As usual, I won’t make them available for long and will likely remove some of them because it’ll piss someone off somewhere. People will learn that sharing free music is good for business one day. Probably right before the earth explodes. Anyways, look out for fun Youtube videos and other such things.

Enjoy your holidays!

download ze first hour

download ze second hour

send an email to Lucas telling him that Half Life 2/Portal is a sick addiction and that he should read more books

01. Husker Du “Terms of Psychic Warfare” from New Day Rising (1984) on SST

02. Echo & the Bunnymen “Forgotten Fields” from The Fountain (2009) on Ocean Rain

03. Chad Vangaalen “Willow Tree” from Soft Airplane (2008) on Sub Pop

04. Hallelujah the Hills “Blank Passports” from Colonial Drones (2009) on Misra

05. Songs : Ohia “Hot Black Silk” from axxess&ace (1999) on Secretly Canadian

06. Spider Bags “Lord Please” from goodbye cruel world, hello crueler world (2009) on Birdman

07. Olivier Jarda “Tropical Medicine” from Diagrams (2007) Self-Released

08. Snailhouse “Mermaids” from The Silence Show (2006) on Scratch

09. Silver Jews “Smith & Jones Forever” from American Water (1998) on Drag City

10. Hot Chip “Arrest Yourself” from The Warning (2006) on Astralwerks

11. The Dutchess & the Duke “Scorpio” from Sunset/Sunrise (2009) on Hardly Art

12. Calexico “Woven Birds” from Feast of Wire (2003) on Quarterstick Records

13. Townes Van Zandt “Snake Mountain Blues” from Our Mother the Mountain (1969) on Tomato

14. Chad Vangaalen “Inside the Molecules” from Soft Airplane (2008) on Sub Pop

15. 39 Clocks “Out Of Sight” from Pain it Dark (2009) on Bureau B

16. The Fussy Part “The Fall” from Ben (2008) on Forward Music Group

17. Magnolia Electric Co “The Dark Don’t Hide It” from What Comes After the Blues (2005) on Secretly Canadian


18. Wire “Drill” from The Ideal Copy (1987) on Enigma/Mute

19. Gus Gus “Believe” from Polydistortion (1997) on 4AD

20. Trans Am “Shining Path” from Sex Change (2007) on Thrill Joackey

21. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness “According to Plan” from According to Plan (2006) on Secretly Canadian

22. Rome “Radiolucence” from Rome (1996) on Thrill Jockey

23. Junior Boys “In the Morning” from So This Is Goodbye (2006) on Domino

24. Rome “The Secret Sons of Europe” from Flowers from Exile (2009) on Trisol

25. The Twilight Sad “Interrupted” from Forget the Night Ahead (2009) on Fat Cat

26. Sonic Youth “Poison Arrow” from the eternal (2009) on Matador

27. Elliott Sharp / Carbon “Gonkulator” from Amusia (1995) on Atavistic

28. Sixteen Horsepower “Black Lung” from Low Estate (1998) on A&M

29. Low “Just Like Christmas” from Christmas (1997) on Kranky


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