Michael Gira: New Swans Album in the Works

After telling Brainwashed that he was thinking about Swans again, Michael Gira has confirmed that the band will be entering the studio to record a new album sometime soon. The band includes some familiar faces, including Norman Westberg, but does not appear to feature Jarboe (awesome). He’s posted an MP3 of a song called “Jim” over at the “Swans are Dead” Myspace page, which now reads “Swans are Not Dead.” The song is said to be one of many candidates for the next Swans album, but there’s absolutely no mention or information about the songs he played at Tufts University. A new M. Gira CD/DVD package called I Am Not Insane is also mentioned and is intended to help fund the new Swans project. Not sure if there’s any connection to the collection of Gira drawings by the same name, though.



  1. oh hells yes.

    now i’m waiting for a cab volt reunion. who will be next on “who wants to make some money again?”

  2. We’re slowly running out of legendary bands to resurrect!

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