1/11: I’m So Glad, Baby

The new Scout Niblett album, The Calcination of Scout Niblett, is due out the 26th of January on Drag City. I’ve listened to it a few times and it reminds me of her older records, especially I Am. It’s a darker, dirtier, heavier Scout on this one, with more fuzz than you can shake a stick at. You can hear a cut from that album at the start of this week’s show. Scout’s also going on tour and will be coming to a venue near you soon. You can find those tour dates on her website linked above. For Boston friends, the show is on the 14th of March at (ugh) Harper’s Ferry in Allston.

Also featured this week are a couple of new albums from 2010 (and I’m still trying to catch up with 2009). In general, I will be concentrating on bringing you more new music this year than I have in past years. The idea is to have an album of the week for every week once the semester starts. That way I can keep better track of releases and have a little more dialog about what it is I’m giving all my attention to. We’ll see how long I can keep that up. In any case, you’ll find new cuts from Retribution Gospel Choir (Alan Sparhawk from Low) and Scratoa! (Marc Nguyen from Colder) in this week’s show, too. The Retribution cut (“Poor Man’s Daughter”) will probably catch a lot of people’s attention. At least, I think it should: the song is amazing and probably the heaviest, most psychedelic thing I’ve heard from Alan since Low’s The Great Destroyer. They’re also on tour supporting their new record; all dates are posted on their website; their date with Boston is on the 28th of January at Great Scott. Here’s a video of them performing “Poor Man’s Daughter” for those of you that want a live preview. You can’t see much, but the sound is pretty good:

I said that TV Buddhas are a band from Austria during the show, but I got that completely wrong. Trost, the label that put out their most recent album, The Golden Period, is based in Austria. The band is actually a three-piece from Tel Aviv with European roots. And their album isn’t really an album at all, but a collection of songs, some of which I assume come from the now out-of-print CDRs they’ve been releasing over the past two years. Not a lot has been written about them that I can find, but they sound phenomenal and have a decent amount of music available for free on Myspace, Youtube and other video services. This one in particular caught my eye: it features some good performance footage plus a self-delivered interview with two of the members. I can’t seem to embed this one, though, so you’ll have to follow the link until I take the time to figure out why Flash and WordPress hate each other:

But, there’s some other video of theirs that I can embed! Including these performances:

Throughout January I’ll be playing and posting more music that I missed in 2009. There’s a lot of good bands with good albums out there that I didn’t see mentioned by too many people, including TV Buddhas, Eternal Tapestry, and Amen Dunes. Lots of good psychedelic stuff to be heard.

Thanks for stopping by – I’ll be on Monday’s at 10AM for a little while longer, but that date may change once the semester starts. When I know my regular show time I will post it here, just like always.

Have fun. Stay warm.



01. Scout Niblett “The Calcination of Scout Niblett” from The Calcination of Scout Niblett (2010) on Drag City

02. TV Buddhas “Desire” from The Golden Period (2009) on Trost

03. Lungfish “To Whom You Were Born” from Sound in Time (1996) on Dischord

04. Loop “Breathe Into Me” from A Gilded Eternity (1990) on Bmg

05. Eternal Tapestry “Hermetic Secrets” from Palace of the Night Skies (2009) on Three Lobed

06. Retribution Gospel Choir “Poor Man’s Daughter” from 2 (2010) on Sub Pop

07. Et Sans “Les Courbes Sanglantes Entendues de l’Organe Trop Uraíment Halluciné” from Par Noussss Touss Les Trous de Vos Crânes!(2005) on Alien8

08. Can “Spray” from Future Days (1973) on Spoon/Mute

09. Amen Dunes “By the Bridal” from Dia (2009) on Locust Music


10. Faust Vs. Dälek “Dead Lies [cut off]” from Derbe Respect, Alder (2004) on Staubgold

11. Scratoa! “VI” from Live en San Antón (2010) on Killer Pimp

12. Zola Jesus “Devil Take You” from The Spoils (2009) on Sacred Bones

13. Nurse With Wound “Subturranean Zappa Blues” from Livin’ Fear of James Last (2005) on Castle

14. Captain Beefheart “I’m Glad” from Safe As Milk (1967) on Buddha

15. The Heavy “Sixteen” from The House That Dirt Built (2009) on Counter Records

16. Shawn Lee “Jigsaw” from Soul in the Hole (2009) on Ubiquity — ft. Nicole Willis

17. Spacemen 3 “Losing Touch with My Mind” from Sound of Confusion (2009) on Fire

18. Autumnfair “Novy Mir” from Gods & Glaciers (1991) on Independent Project Records

19. Swans “Killing for Company” from The Great Annihilator (1995) on Young God

20. The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation “Faustine” from Succubus (2009) on Ad Noiseam


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