2/2: Irreversible Reversibility

Disappointed with last night’s episodes of Lost? So was I. After catching up with the show and falling in love with its various time travel absurdities and completely stupefying mysteries, I almost feel a little betrayed. I guess it’s stupid to be angry at a show for ruining a great character, especially when there’s an entire season left. But, the more I think about it, the more I suspect it’s impossible for the show to end on a good note. How many sharks will be jumped in order for them to wrap this thing up?

Anyways, the Groundhog’s Day show this year was pretty good. It was nice to hear so many people respond so positively to hearing Orbital on the air. And there were more than just a few positive responses to the new Jaga Jazzist, which came out in January. There’s a sweet video of the group performing “One-Armed Bandit” on Norwegian television at their website. You can watch it here if you want:

The drummer. I want his beard.

That new Yeasayer album sounds like absolute junk to me. I was a fan of the first album and very psyched to hear where they’d go with their new one, but apparently awesome things like to disappoint me in the end. I’ll never forgive you, George Lucas. Anyways, Odd Blood shows Yesayer have opted to develop their poppier sensibilities, rather than do the hard thing and make something even stranger and prettier than All Hour Cymbals. I guess their first record was pretty poppy, too, but at least it wasn’t bubble-gummy banality. The video for “Ambling Alp” has received a lot of attention, probably because it features exposed breasts. I suppose nudity makes boring, shrill music a little more tolerable. Right?

Finding more info about Zelienople wasn’t too hard – they have a pretty long history, a Myspace site, and plenty of write-ups or reviews about them scattered across the internets, almost all of them positive. The information about them over at Last.FM is a little funny, though. I’m not sure what “drone-based jazz” is, but apparently Zelienople make it. There’s an official video for “All I Want is Calm” out there, which is from 2009’s Give It Up. It made me feel a little dizzy:

I’ll be trying to find more records by them. Give It Up is a very good record and I’d love to play more by them. It was a nice respite from an otherwise busy and heavy set.

The new Jack Rose keeps getting better. I played another cut from Luck in the Valley this week. I plan on having a review up by next week.

That about does it for this week’s show. There might be some more noise and weird ambient stuff popping up in the next couple of weeks, but on the whole I’ve enjoyed sticking to a somewhat stricter rock format. Apparently listeners like it more, too. This little blog received more hits in the month of January than it has in any other month going all the way back to when I started broadcasting Laughter. I started this thing up close to two years ago now, and it continues to get more and more visitors nearly every month. Thanks for visiting and enduring my painfully bad writing. I hope you’ll continue to come.

I’ll talk to you all next week. I will hopefully get around to playing something from that new Extra Life record. Whether or not it’s a disappointment like the new Yeasayer remains to be seen.

DOWNLOAD: radio segment 1 (comprising that time between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM)

DOWNLOAD: radio segment 1-a (not an alternate reality version of segment 1, but that time between 11:00 AM and noon)

01. Orbital “Time Becomes / Planet of the Shapes” from Orbital 2 (1993) on FFRR

02. Jaga Jazzist “One-Armed Bandit” from One-Armed Bandit (2010) on Ninja Tune

03. Steroid Maximus “Life in the Greenhouse Effect” from Gondwanaland (1992) on Big Cat

04. Guano Padano “A Country Concept” from Guana Padano (2009) on Important

05. Leo Kottke “Last Steam Engine Train” from Anthology (1997) on Rhino

06. Jack Rose “Everybody Ought to Pray Sometime” from Luck in the Valley (2010) on Thrill Jockey

07. Beachwood Sparks “Sister Rose” from Beachwood Sparks (2000) on SubPop Records

08. Smog “River Guard” from Knock Knock (1999) on Drag City

09. Black Mountain “Tyrant” from In the Future (2008) on Jagjaguwar


10. Yeasayer “Ambling Alp” from Odd Blood (2010) on Secretly Canadian

11. The Album Leaf “Falling from the Sun” from A Chorus of Storytellers (2010) on Sub Pop

12. Bear in Heaven “Fake Out” from Beast Rest Forth Mouth (2009) on Hometapes

13. Liars “Houseclouds” from Liars (2007) on Mute

14. Zelienople “I Can Put All My Faith in Her” from Give It Up (2009) on Type

15. Mogwai “Thank You Space Expert” from The Hawk is Howling (2008) on Matador

16. James Blackshaw “Cross” from The Glass Bead Game (2009) on Young God

17. Michael Chapman “Leaving the Apple” from Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 2 (2006) on Tompkins Square

18. Stereolab “Parsec” from Dots and Loops (1997) on Elektra

19. Jacques Loussier “Leslie’s Jerk (excerpt)” from Tu Seras Terriblement Gentille (1968) on Decca


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