3/23: Rocks

A simple set this week. I came to the studio early, but completely unprepared. I grabbed a bunch of records from the ZBC archives and a few CDs and just started going. I gravitated to a bunch of stuff I know I’ve played before, but I didn’t bring a single album into the studio with me. So, this is a snapshot of what’s in the ZBC archives, at least in part. Popular records, stuff that’s been stuffed in the vinyl room forever and left untouched for years, things people hated vehemently, cult favorites, and overlooked weirdo rock jams are all here. Just think of it as an extra-long mix CD put together on the spot. With love. From ZBC. Next week’s show is going to be a little different too. I’m trying to get away from the typical format for awhile, partially because there’s not a lot of new stuff I’m liking too much and partially because it’s fun to play something different now and again. My next show will be dedicated to blues and old folk music, especially stuff like Howlin’ Wolf and Mississippi Fred McDowell. Might go even further back than that, play some Guthrie. Who knows, but I hope you’ll tune in.

Thanks for visiting!



01. Pere Ubu “Final Solution” from Terminal Tower (1985) on Twin Tone

02. Joy Division “Leaders of Men” from Substance:1977-1980 (1988)

03. David Bowie “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” from The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972) on RCA

04. Gary Numan “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” from Replicas (1979) on Beggars Banquet

05. Telefon Tel Aviv “Immolate Yourself” from Immolate Yourself (2009) on BPitch Control

06. Bauhaus “A Spy in the Cab” from 1979-1983 Volume One (1986) on Beggars Banquet

07. Cat Power “American Flag” from Moon Pix (1998) on Matador

08. Jesus & Mary Chain “In a Hole” from Psychocandy (1985) on WEA

09. The Jesus Lizard “Pastoral” from Head (1990) on Touch And Go

10. The Fall “Youwanner” from Fall Heads Roll (2005) on Narnack Records

11. Pain Teens “My Desire” from Born in Blood (1990) on Trance

12. Slint “Untitled 2” from Untitled (1994) on Touch and Go — written in 1989

13. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Hey Joe” from Kicking Against the Pricks (1986) on LSR Records

14. Einsturzende Neubaten “Stella Maris” from Ende Neu (1996) on Mute

15. Eluvium “Leaves Eclipse the Light” from Similes (2010) on Temporary Residence

16. Swans “The Sound” from Swans are Dead (1998) on Young God

17. Fovea Hex “Don’t These Windows Open?” from Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent (2005) on Janet

18. Nurse With Wound “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” from She and Me Fall Together in Free Death (2004) on Beta-lactam Ring

19. Scraping Foetus off The Wheel “I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby” from Hole (1984) on PVC

20. Oneida “Rose and Licorice” from Anthem of the Moon (2001) on Jagjaguwar

21. Magazine “Definitive Gaze” from Rays and Hail 1978-81 (1987) on Virgin

22. The Cramps “TV Set” from Bad Music for Bad People (1981) on IRS

23. Velvet Underground “White Light / White Heat” from White Light / White Heat (1968) on Polygram Records


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