Mix: Greg’s Real Folk Blues

Roughly 9 years ago a friend of mine put together a blues mix for which I am eternally grateful. Before hearing it I knew next to nothing about the blues and really didn’t care for them. I associated Eric Clapton and B.B. King with the style and had no clue about Mississippi John Hurt or Otis Rush. Greg fixed that for me by putting together a mix that I still listen to regularly. He’s the guy responsible for getting me into blues music (and liking Bob Dylan), so I figured it’d be a good idea to share the mix he made for me with you. I used it to play a couple of songs on my show, but there’s a ton of stuff here that didn’t get played. It’s missing one song because the CD is a little old and some of the data on it was bad, but everything else sounds great.

Greg is also in an awesome bluegrass band down in St. Louis that I highly recommend, and he plays solo every once in awhile too. He’s without a doubt my favorite St. Louis musician and one of the most talented and knowledgeable guys I’ve ever met. If you like bluegrass or country music at all, check out The Cumberland Gap Band. They have a couple of albums out and they put on a killer show. I’ve always had a good time seeing them live, so make sure you get out to seem them at least once.

Thanks for the music, Greg!

DOWNLOAD: Greg Silsby’s Real Folk Blues

01) Fury Lewis, “Falling Down Blues”
02) Bo Carter, “Some Day”
03) Big Joe Williams, “Shake Your Boogie”
04) Barbecue Bob, “Barbecue Blues”
05) Tampa Red, “Seminole Blues”
06) Snooks Eaglin, “Well I Had My Fun”
07) Big Bill Broonzy, “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
08) Jesse Fuller, “Flavor in My Ice Cream”
09) Henry Thomas, “Bull Doze Blues”
10) Blind Blake, “Too Tight Blues”
11) Richard Rabbit Brown, “James Alley Blues”
12) Blind Willie Johnson, “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was on the Ground”
13) Leadbelly, “Grasshoppers in My Pillow”
14) Mance Lipscomb, “Freddie”
15) Blind Willie McTell, “Statesboro Blues”
16) Mississippi John Hurt, “Ain’t No Tellin'”
17) Memphis Jug Band, “K.C. Moan”
18) Bukka White, “Special Streamline”
19) Blind Lemon Jefferson, “Matchbox Blues”
20) Frank Stokes, “‘Taint Nobody’s Business If I Do”
21) Son House, “My Black Mama Pt. 2”
22) Skip James, “Devil Got My Woman”
23) Sonny Terry, “Callin’ My Mama””
24) Blind Willie Reynolds, “Third Street Woman Blues”
25) Julius Daniels, “Ninety-Nine Year Blues”


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