Links: Dimitri’s Dungeon and Delta-Slider

I will have the regular show update posted by later tonight, but I wanted to take a second and point out that I’ve added a couple new links to the sidebar.

First up is Delta-Slider, a blog dedicated mostly to solo acoustic guitar music, blues, and other such things. That site has tons of great bootlegs from Jack Rose, John Fahey, and many others, and it regularly features obscure musicians and records that nobody else mentions. It’s where I found the Sean Smith live album from this week’s show and it’s an excellent resource in general. Check it out.

Second up is a site called Dimitri’s Dungeon. I’ve only downloaded one mix from this guy so far, but it’s blowing my mind enough for me to want to download more. This site features enormous mixes, sometimes around 80 songs long, all typically dedicated to one style or mood. There’s everything from library music, experimental electronic audio, and extremely obscure soundtracks to funk, soul, R&B, psychedelic rock and lots more. The only bummer is that he doesn’t tag his music very well, so I’ve had to use Winamp to organize his stuff. It’s worth it. Make sure you grab the first “Dungeon Mixtape.”


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