New M.I.A.: Born Free

M.I.A.’s next album is due out the end of June. Lead single, “Born Free,” is out there now. The video for it features severe beatings, children being shot, and land mines used for sport. And it samples Suicide’s “Ghost Rider.” Very intense and not safe for work. I’d link directly to it but Youtube pulled the video and WordPress doesn’t get along with Vimeo embeds.

If you’d rather not watch the video, you can still hear the music through Youtube:

Here’s the Suicide original in case you’re curious:



  1. i know this puts me in a severe minority, but not only is the song kinda lazy (if well-produced) but the video is basically alex jones with better production values. i wasn’t expecting to have my mind completely blown or anything, but it’s awfully prosaic for being almost 10 minutes.

  2. I still don’t know what to think of it. After watching it a second time I realized they doubled the length of the song so it would fit with a video that basically has no pay off, unless one were to count the anti-genocide/racial war angle. I like the song OK, but mostly because of the Suicide sample and drum tracks. Definitely lazy, even if it sounds alright. I’d love to see an edited version of the video cut with the album version of the song.

    I’m sure it will get her a ton of press, though, which is what I think it was engineered to do.

  3. I should have said, “that’s ALL I think the video was designed to do.” It’s so over the top and and unnecessarily sensational, just trying way too hard. I hope the album is better than this, as I still really enjoy Arular and Kala quite a lot.

  4. Luke has it nailed. The message is good and all… but it takes a while to make it.

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