7/3: (Not a) Solo Dancer

Many thanks to Richard Tarantino, who came into the studio with me on the 3rd to spin some of his favorite jazz selections. Many of the songs played during the show were his picks, and he was the guy with all the knowledge, musical and otherwise.

Sun Ra and Charles Mingus, along with the later Talk Talk records, have been the only things coming out of my stereo lately. And while I can’t really draw a very solid connection between any of them, their sound was what I wanted on the air for this show, along with other jazz or jazz-like records that went out beyond popular tastes and standard forms. Thankfully, Richard knew just what I was looking for. You’ll find everything from Evan Parker and the Mark Dresser Trio to Charles Mingus, Albert Ayler, the David Holland Quartet, and even a little Gil Scott-Heron (how’s that for breadth?). Also included is a side-long dark-ambient/drone cut from E.E, out of Ohio, and some familiar names doing relatively unfamiliar things, like Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Mick Turner from Dirty Three. Never hurts to mix things up a little.

I’ll be posting links and videos, along with more music, as the this week goes on – much easier to talk about lots of musicians in small doses.

Thanks for listening. Hope to be back on the air again soon.






01. Sun Ra “That’s How I Feel” from Lanquidity (1978) on Evidence

02. William Parker and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra “Painter’s Celebration” from Vol. 1 / ICA Concert on Eremite Records — recorded 2001 at the ICA in Boston, MA

03. Eddie Gale “Fulton Street” from Eddie Gale’s Ghetto Music (1968) on Blue Note — re-released by Water Music in 2004

04. The Claudia Quintet “Drewslate” from Semi-Formal (2009) on Cuneiform

05. Dave Douglas “Witness” from Witness (2001) on Bluebird

06. Alice Coltrane “Something About John Coltrane” from Journey in Satchidananda (1997) on Impulse! — originally released in 1970

07. David Holland Quartet “Four Winds” from Conference of the Birds (1973) on ECM

08. Charles Mingus “Track A – Solo Dancer” from The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (1995) on Impulse! — originally released in1963

09. Mark Hollis “The Gift” from Mark Hollis (1998) on Polydor

10. Albert Ayler “Bells” from Bells (1965) on Esp-disk — re-released by Get Back in 1998

11. Marc Ribot “Saints” from Spiritual Unity (2004) on PI Recordings

12. Squarepusher “Two Bass Hit (Dub)” from Budakhan Mindphone (1999) on Warp

13. Fred Frith “No Birds” from Guitar Solos (1974) on Caroline Records

14. The Marquis de Tren and Bonny Billy “2/15” from Get On Jolly (2000) on Domino — lyrics adapted from the Gitanjali

15. E.E “Popocatepetl, I. The Smoking Mountain, II. Island Arc (Part 2)” from Volcanist (2009) on Curious Lacunae

16. Mark Dresser Trio “Threaded/Spin X” from Aquifer (2002) on Cryptogramophone

17. Gil Scott-Heron “Certain Things (Interlude)/Running” from I’m New Here (2010) on XL Recordings

18. Steven R. Smith “Black Paper Scrim” from Cities (2009) on Immune Recordings

19. John Zorn “The Big Gundown” from The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone (2000) on Tzadik


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