I Don’t Remember Being Born

There will be a series of Sun Ra related reviews and material popping up here over the coming weeks. I tried tackling too much at once with the last show and decided to cover one composer at a time, for an indefinite time, until I feel content. There will be interviews, reviews, mp3s, videos, and more posted here, as well as links to other websites, blogs, and places where you can find Sun Ra music for yourself. Ra’s ideas are huge, and his commitment to those ideas really, really appeal to me, in part because of all the outer space imagery, but also because of the way he speaks about music, consciousness, emotion, the intellect, and modes of thought. Hopefully by posting all this stuff I will learn a bit more about his music and maybe spread some of the Ra love at the same time. I’m going to start with a couple of interviews and some nice live performances from Night Music. Cheers.

These three performances are absolutely outstanding. They feature Sun Ra and his Arkestra playing some fairly accessible pieces on Night Music; maybe not as out there as his most-loved records, but mind-blowing in every way. I love the noise he manages to pull out of his synths and the creepy march-like quality of the first song. If that doesn’t catch your attention, switch to the second video and give “Face the Music” a shot. The vocal part and rhythm on that song are a bit less radical, but the solos exhibit the explosive side of Ra.


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