January 2011: Laughtrack Mix #1

Laughtrack is a continuation of and substitute for the radio show I once hosted at WZBC 90.3 FM.

Around the start of each month I will post a mix highlighting the music I’ve played most during the previous four weeks. It is my intent to always feature new music, but I can’t make any promises.

I will keep the mix up for as long as possible, but will happily remove it should any of the featured artists ask. I won’t entertain any requests and I won’t upload full albums, so don’t ask. Feel free to leave comments about the music, especially if you want to tell me about something you’ve been listening to a lot.

Here’s Laughtrack #1, for January of 2011:

  1. Ornette Coleman, “Lonely Woman” from The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959)
  2. Eddie Gale, “The Rain” from Ghetto Music (1969)
  3. Supersilent, “10.3” from 10 (2010)
  4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, “The Dust Blows Forward ‘N the Dust Blows Back” from Trout Mask Replica (1969)
  5. Lou Reed, “Hangin’ ‘Round” from Transformer (1972)
  6. Jacaszek, “Elegia” from Context (2011)
  7. Sun City Girls, “Blue West” from Funeral Mariachi (2010)
  8. Æthenor, “Vyomagami Plume” from En Form for Blå (2011)
  9. Tod Dockstader, “Water Music: Part Three” from Water Music (1992) – composed in 1963
  10. Omar Khorshid, “Warakat Ya Nassib (Lottery Ticket), from Guitar El Chark (2010) – recorded sometime between 1973 and 1977
  11. Robert Haigh, “Juliet of the Spirits” from Juliet of the Spirits (1985)
  12. Lichens, “Faeries” from Omns (2007)
  13. Low, “Breaker” from Bootleg: Live in Catharinakerk, Eindhoven (29 Jan 2009)
  14. Olivier Messiaen, “Louange à l’Eternité de Jésus” from Quartet for the End of Time (premiered in 1941)

download here (.zip file)

unedited version of blizzard picture featured at the top of the post

Not sure where or when this photograph was originally taken, but it’s perfect for this month’s mix. The caption and photo combined reminded me of Edward Gorey.


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