February 2011: Laughtrack Mix #2 and WZBC set for March 7th

Here’s part two of the Laughtrack monthly mix series. February was all over the place for me; there are lots of new records I want to check out and a lot of older records that I don’t want to stop listening to. I think I listened exclusively to Loscil’s Plume for over a week, and that new Arbouretum occupied a lot of my time, too, enough to keep me from the new Six Organs of Admittance record. I probably could have made a mix from those two albums alone considering how much time I spent listening to them.

Satie has also been in my headphones a lot lately, but not the typical piano Satie we all know and love. My friend Umesh suggested I check out a record of his music arranged for guitar and flute and I’m glad he did. I was obsessed with it the second “Gnossienne No. 3” began. It’s worth noting that guitarist Steve Hackett is the same Steve Hackett from Genesis.

I’ve also included the DJ set from WZBC below, which is two hours long and features a few February favorites, including Arthur Russell, Jacaszek, and Adolescents. Songs from Christoph Heemann and Sun Ra didn’t make the cut because I didn’t bother to rip the records to MP3s. Maybe next month.

Links to the mixes come after the song lists. Thanks for listening.

Laughtrack #2

  1. Django Reinhardt, “Minor Swing” from Jazz Tribute No. 39: The Indispensable Django Reinhardt, 1949-1950 (1983)
  2. Ulver, “Capitel II: Soelen gaaer bag aase need” from Bergtatt – Et eeventyr i 5 capitler (1995)
  3. John Hackett & Steve Hackett, “Gnossienne No. 3” from Sketches of Satie (2000)
  4. Autechre, “V-Proc” from Draft 7.30 (2003)
  5. Loscil, “Chinook” from Plume (2006)
  6. Arbouretum, “Highwayman” from The Gathering (2011)
  7. Tim Hecker, “Hatred of Music I” from Ravedeath, 1972 (2011)
  8. Tim Hecker, “Hatred of Music II” from Ravedeath, 1972 (2011)
  9. His Hero Is Gone, “Chain of Command” from Monuments to Thieves (1997)
  10. David Bowie, “Blackout” from “Heroes” (1977)
  11. Trampled by Turtles, “Wait So Long” from Palomino (2010)

download Laughtrack #2 here

WZBC 3/7 Hour 1

  1. Orchestral Manuevers in The Dark “Enola Gay” from Organisation (1980) on DinDisc
  2. Arthur Russell “She’s the Star / I Take This Time” from World of Echo (2005) on Audika — recorded 1985-1986
  3. Fad Gadget “Ad Nauseam” from Gag (1984) on Mute
  4. Meat Beat Manifesto “Prime Audio Soup” from Actual Sounds + Voices (1998) on Play It Again Sam [PIAS]
  5. Gil Scott-Heron “New York Is Killing Me” from I’m New Here (2009) on XL Recordings
  6. Ulrich Schnauss “On My Own” from a strangely isolated place (2003) on Domino
  7. Neu! “Drive (Grundfunken)” from Neu! ’86 (2010) on Gronland — originally released in 1995
  8. Jacaszek “Elegia” from SMM: Context (2011) on Ghostly International
  9. Six Organs of Admittance “Light of the Light” from Asleep On The Floodplain (2011) on Drag City
  10. Wire “Drill” from The Ideal Copy (1986) on Enigma/Mute

WZBC 3/7 Hour 2

  1. David Bowie “”Heroes”” from “Heroes” (1991) on Rykodisc — originally released in 1977 by RCA
  2. The Fall “Telephone Thing” from 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong (39 Golden Greats) (2004) on Beggars Group U.S.A
  3. Meat Puppets “New Gods” from Meat Puppets II (1984) on SST
  4. Adolescents “Kids of the Black Hole” from Adolescents (1981) on Frontier
  5. Sonic Youth “Junkie’s Promise” from Washing Machine (1995) on Geffen
  6. The Clean “Secret Place” from Anthology (2003) on Merge
  7. The Stooges “1969” from The Stooges (1969) on Elektra
  8. Bardo Pond “Sleeping” from Bardo Pond (2011) on Fire Records
  9. Ghost “Into the Alley” from Lama Rabi Rabi (1996) on Drag City
  10. Mogwai “San Pedro” from Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (2011) on Sub Pop
  11. Mogwai “Katrien” from Young Team (1997) on Chemikal Underground

download the 2 hour radio program here

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