The Eternal Myth: 20 CD Sun Ra Box Set Forthcoming

Great news from Altered Zones, via FACT and Wire:

Sun Ra will be issuing a humongous box set of rarities and unreleased goodies called The Eternal Myth Volume 1 that’s sure to make obsessives jump for joy. Produced by Sun Ra archive director Michael D Anderson and released by Transparency, the hulking release compiles more than 400 tracks from fifty 78 rpms released between 1933-1959. But if more than 13 hours of ultra-rare Sun Ra cuts weren’t enough to make you lust after the collection, it also comes packaged with a 100-page booklet and features “definitive autobiographical commentary.”

Two videos previews of the set, both close to a half-hour, have been posted on Youtube. I’ve included them below.

And if 20 CDs of Sun Ra aren’t enough to satiate your mythological desires, notice that this is only volume one. I assume that means there will be future volumes.

Start saving your money, now.

correction: I had claimed that this was going to be a 30 CD box set, but the videos make it clear that this will be a 20 CD box set. Sorry for the confusion.


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