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Those Om/Six Organs/Lichens Photos I Promised…

I get way too lazy sometimes. Here’s a link to Onafriday and the fantastic pictures they posted from the Om show at the ICA. Lichens was the highlight of the show for me, but I’m biased. Advertisements

Live 6/2: Oneohtrix Point Never, KFW+Geoff Mullen, Brendan Murray, and DJ Ning Nong

Excellent show at the Piano Craft Guild on Tuesday night. Was very taken by Brendan Murray’s set. It was my first time hearing him. Murray started by generating a basic tone. He would then derive new tones from that first one and layer them, creating a massive and sustained harmony that filled the room. He […]

Photographs: Zs, Keith Fullerton Whitman + Geoff Mullen, Geoglyphs @ Middle East Upstairs

My digital camera is dying a slow death, but I snagged a few pictures from the Zs/KFW+Geoff Mullen/Geoglyphs/Melissa St. Pierre show at the Middle East Upstairs on the 23rd of February. I didn’t manage to catch Melissa in action, but I have at least a couple of photos from the other sets. Forgive me for […]

2/17: Brief Update

Sorry for not updating in so long. The only bit of news that I care to talk about right now is Will Oldham’s impending album release and tour and Juana Molina’s performance at the Brattle Theater on Thursday the 26th. As you all know, I’m an appreciator of Oldham’s music. I’ve never had the chance […]

5/5: Talk Talk, Cloudland Canyon, Tanakh, The Dead Texan, and Brainwaves 2008… for real

Mark Hollis’ music is something nearly everyone is familiar with even if they aren’t conscious of it. His work in Talk Talk led him to popular success and exerted a fairly substantial influence on a number of musicians, earning him a place among the most influential musicians of the last 20 years. Talk Talk’s evolution, […]

Times New Viking Play @ WZBC, Release Session as Free Download

The radio station for which I work has a blog site that has recently uploaded a live Times New Viking set that some of you might enjoy. One of ZBC’s fine DJs, Sir Nick, hosts Spectra Sonic Sound every Tuesday from 10 AM until noon and had Times New Viking come in and play a […]

Stars of the Lid Tour Reminder

During last week’s show I was surprised to find that Stars of the Lid are touring in US and I promised myself that I would post that information to the website simply because it is such a rare thing that this band tours. In case you are wondering what Stars of the Lid might be […]

3/24 show, William Basinski, Strategy, and Stars of the Lid Tour Reminder

That’s a picture of El Camino Real. A quick search using Google will result in some more photographs, but I felt this image was the most appropriate for the blog considering the timbre of Basinski’s music and the history of this road. I will be updating this page again after I have some time to […]


Shane Broderick from Boston’s twodeadsluts onegoodfuck sent me an email informing me that dates and times have been solidified for the Northeast Regional Noise and Power Electronics Festival. Here is the updated schedule: NORTHEAST REGIONAL NOISE AND POWER ELECTRONICS FESTIVAL At America’s Longest Running Drag Club Jacques Cabaret / Underground (website) 79 Broadway – Boston, […]