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Laughtrack Mixes No. 8 and 9: Unplayable

Today was the day I had planned on uploading the last two shows I did on WZBC, in the wake of a Cardinals World Series victory, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. All I have from those shows is a couple of playlists, unfortunately. Not sure what happened to my files, but you won’t […]

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July 2011: Laughtrack MP3 Mix No. 7

Eventually, once I’ve become accustomed to some new software, I will post a continuous mix of the music I’ve been listening to the most these last few months. Until then, you’ll have to settle for a late edition of Laughtrack with a dash of basic mixing tossed in. This one includes music from Francisco López, […]

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June 2011: Laughtrack MP3 Mix No. 6

Mix number six emphasizes electronic music in one form or another, with just a few exceptions, including a pair of chansons and a particularly unusual African tribal recording from Staring into the Sun. I hope you find them as entertaining and revealing as I did. Hearing Mick Harvey’s interpretation of Gainsbourg’s “Aux Enfants de la […]

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April/May 2011: Laughtrack Mixes No. 4 and 5

I’ve had almost no chance to post here since the beginning of April, mostly because I’ve found myself a new full time job. That means I’m writing less in general, but the upshot is that my job is music related, so I’m finding more records and listening to more music, most of which is on […]

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March 2011: Laughtrack MP3 Mix #3

Mix number three is dominated by Christoph Heemann and his brother Andreas Martin. Heemann’s 2010 re-issue of The Rings of Saturn is currently available from Robot Records, and my review of it is posted over at Brainwashed. I’ve listened to that record at least 20 times in the last month, probably more. Organum’s “Iuel” also […]

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February 2011: Laughtrack Mix #2 and WZBC set for March 7th

Here’s part two of the Laughtrack monthly mix series. February was all over the place for me; there are lots of new records I want to check out and a lot of older records that I don’t want to stop listening to. I think I listened exclusively to Loscil’s Plume for over a week, and […]

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January 2011: Laughtrack Mix #1

Laughtrack is a continuation of and substitute for the radio show I once hosted at WZBC 90.3 FM. Around the start of each month I will post a mix highlighting the music I’ve played most during the previous four weeks. It is my intent to always feature new music, but I can’t make any promises. […]